Bernice Burgos’ Sexy Twerking Videos Inspire Tiny To Make T.I. Happy

Bernice Burgos Tameka 'Tiny' Harris T.I. Twerking

T.I.‘s alleged side chick, Bernice Burgos, has his official woman, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, lurking on her social media pages.

Despite the fact that Burgos has been out of the picture for several months, Tiny is still afraid that her husband might be tempted by what he sees and run back to her.

To satisfy T.I. (whose real name is Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr.), it is being claimed that the Xscape singer spends hours looking at Burgos’ over the top and wildly sexual twerking videos.

After learning Burgos’ hot moves, the mother of fours dons beautiful lingerie and films herself dancing seductively and sends them to her husband of seven years.

A close source o the T.I.’s Road to Redemption star claimed that the ATL actor loves the videos.

Juice and the Squeeze 💦🍋

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The person explained: “Even though Bernice [Burgos] is out of the picture, she is still on Tiny‘s mind. Tiny checks up on her on social media and compares herself to her all the time. Bernice still haunts tiny — Bernice nearly destroyed her marriage, so just forgetting about her is not an option. Instead, she is taking notes and making sure she outdoes Bernice.”

The family friend went on to say: “Sending T.I. sexy twerking videos is just part of it — she is also checking Bernice’s style and how she poses for her selfies. Tiny is not in total denial; she knows T.I. Obviously had a huge attraction to Bernice and she wants to make sure she does it better than her. She is all about proving to T.I. that she is better for him in every way.”

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In a new interview with Wendy Williams, Tiny said she is still married, and they are working on their issues.

It has been confirmed that Tiny moved back in with the hip-hop artist. A few hours ago, Tiny threw shade at Burgos while professing her love for her man.

She paid for a massive billboard for T.I. who was celebrating his 37th birthday.

The message read: “King of the south. Happy Birthday, TIP! From the one who loves and adores you the most.”

She signed “Mrs. H.” to let Burgos know that she is still the wife.


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