‘Calvin Klein’ Drug Craze Is Blamed For Overdose Of Teen Violin Prodigy Katya Tsukanova

Katya Tsukanova Violist Died From Drug Overdose

The craze surrounding the notorious drug cocktail commonly called “Calvin Klein” has been growing stronger in some areas, with recent reports indicating that a 17-year-old named Katya Tsukanova is the latest to fall victim to the dangerous mix.

The daughter of Igor Tsukanov and Natasha Tsukanova was referred to by many as a violin prodigy, and her death took many by surprise.

When the sad news broke, her father, a Russian billionaire, told the Telegraph: “She was such a smart girl, and she made one bad choice. What can we parents do? The children will do what they want anyway, and they never tell you the truth.”

The banker added: “Sometimes she would have parties in my house and I found her friends unconscious. I had to call the ambulance. I never understood why they were like that. It wasn’t from drinking. But I want to make clear that I don’t blame anyone for Katya’s death.”

The “cocktail” is reportedly made by combining cocaine and ketamine, resulting in an intense high that some have compared to other drugs, including MDMA.

The popularity of the cocktail has been increasing quite fast, and it looks like it has taken over the nightclub scene by storm in some places.

Many people around the deceased girl have expressed their shock at the fact that she would take drugs in the first place, claiming that she was intelligent and showed no signs of having problems with illicit substances.

Others have pointed out that the drug has been spreading like wildfire, and is currently accessible in many parts of the country.

Authorities in some areas have reportedly taken precautions to minimize the impact of the dangerous cocktail on local communities, though the results of those actions appear to be arguable at this point.

There has also been an active discussion about the cocktail online, with many users pointing out that the drug’s attractive-sounding name could be a factor in its problematic nature.

There has been a lot of debate over the situation as a whole, with some drawing comparisons to earlier drug crazes that have affected the country on multiple occasions. However, this seems to be on a different scale.


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