Woman Accused Of Stealing Luxury Watches And Cash From Dates — She Pleads Not Guilty In Ongoing Theft Cases

Katelin Wojtowicz Florida Woman Arrested For Stealing Expensive Watches

Katelin Wojtowicz, a young woman from Miami Beach, Florida, was detained by authorities when it was discovered that she repeatedly stole luxury watches from men in nightclubs, allegedly.

25-year-old Wojtowicz reportedly managed to gather more than $110,000 worth of watches and other valuable goods from her victims before she was caught. As a result of her crimes, Wojtowicz was charged with three counts of grand theft.

The blonde woman, who pleaded not guilty to the charges, usually operated at parties or other social gatherings where she acted by initiating a flirt with her target for the evening so that she could be brought to the unsuspecting man’s hotel room.

Then she would wait for her victim to fall asleep, gather whatever valuable thing she could, and disappear.

The alleged criminal reportedly committed her first hit at the Mokai Lounge in Miami Beach in May 2018.

She and her target drank a couple of cocktails before setting off to the Fontainebleau Hotel, where the man had a room.

Katelin Wojtowicz Watches Wealthy Men Florida

The unfortunate man woke up he found out that Wojtowicz was gone along with some of his belongings such as an expensive watch, a large sum of cash, Apple iPhone, and a Gucci belt.

The second time Wojtowicz allegedly stole was in October 2018 at the same establishment.

She met a wealthy New Yorker who brought her to his hotel room at the 1 Hotel at the end of the evening, only to find out the next morning that his $56,000 watch was missing.

Wojtowicz is accused of robbing her third victim from items valued at around $20,000 in January 2019.

Once they were in a room at the Mondrian Hotel, the man started putting some of his expensive items in a safe, when he felt Wojtowicz’s presence right behind him. When he woke up, he had no other memories of the evening.

The arrest report read: “After placing the items in the safe, the victim has no recollection of the remainder of the night.”

This was not Wojtowicz’s first run-in with the law. In 2017, she was accused of stealing a $12,000 watch and $1,000 in cash. This case is still ongoing.

In the new case, Wojtowicz was released on $22,500 bond and was scheduled to appear in court on December 19.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened at the arraignment.


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