Harry Styles’s Song Used In Prince William’s Video Has Some Royal Fans Feeling Disgusted

Prince William Harry Styles Song Watermelon Sugar

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is getting slammed for appearing in a video that features a very inappropriate song by British crooner Harry Styles.

This week, the Duke of Cambridge returned to work after his summer vacation with his wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and their children.

Prince William’s first royal engagement took place in Belfast, where he marked Emergency Services Day (999 Day).

The future King of England met with police officers and first responders who have been working overtime during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. He delivered a speech where he thanked them for their service.

Kate Middleton‘s husband said in his remarks: “This has already been an extraordinary year. The months ahead will no doubt be uncertain and at points scary. But, thanks to the dedication and sacrifice of those of you working across the emergency services and in the NHS, I count myself and others in this country very fortunate.”

He went on to share: “Your dedication is not only apparent when we are faced with a global pandemic. Each and every day, people from teams across the blue light community are called to the scenes of dreadful incidents.”

A video of Prince William performing his royal duties in Northern Ireland was shared on social media with Styles’s famous song, “Watermelon Sugar,” playing in the background. Royal fans are confused and appalled by the vulgar tune that focuses on oral s*x.

The royal family was bashed for the inappropriate song with this comment: “This song is ridiculous. It is completely disturbing and unprofessional. Why these songs? What inspirational message watermelon sugar sends?
If you must use the music, why not use up and coming local artists? Or just local artists. Please bring back whoever was managing the account during the Pakistan tour. Just a simple background classical music sound would have been better. It’s so bad! I can’t even begin to describe!”

Another critic shared her thoughts by writing: “Could you please return the account to the professionalism it used to have. Isn’t watermelon sugar a drug or something?”

This social media user gave the video a thumb down: “I love The Cambridges but their social media lately😬. They are our classy, Royal, dignified King and Queen, not teeny bopper influencers. Thumbs down. By the ways, isn’t this song a bit saucy for a royal family post?? Please no more music and thank you.”

This backer of the royal family begged the prince to focus on the lyrics of the songs: “Not to take away from the fantastic work being done here, but maybe check the meaning behind watermelon sugar lyrics!! I’m sorry, but this new format and music choices (nothing against st HS, I like him) for your accounts is not going in the right direction, Imo. Why try to fix something that wasn’t broken? I liked the professionalism and informative way you were doing your accounts until recently.”

A few people are wondering if someone was trying to send a message by using this song.


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