Harry Styles Was Rumored To Be Dating This Stunning 47-Year-Old Actress After These Videos Surfaced

Harry Styles Tracee Ellis Ross Dating Rumors

For several weeks, rumors have been swirling around claiming that Harry Styles, 26, had a new girlfriend.

Many are convinced that the famous British singer was dating actress Tracee Ellis Ross, 47, because they seemed to have great chemistry when they are together.

Videos of the duo getting along and openly flirting during an interview and partying together hinted that they might be romanticly involved, and their fans loved the idea.

The One Direction crooner stayed mum about the steamy romance but Tracee appeared to dash the hopes of those rooting for the power couple.

The stunning Black-ish star and businesswoman recently sat down for a lengthy interview in Shape magazine, where she confirmed that she is happily single.

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Tracee explained that she has been practicing self-love during the lockdown and has learned to appreciate being single and alone.

The activist also stated that she would not mind finding love — so Harry may still have a chance.

Tracee confessed to the publication: “I am happily single, though that doesn’t mean I am not open to and don’t want a relationship. But in my wonderful and robust experience of being single, I have learned to have a productive relationship with loneliness and an intensely juicy relationship with my joyful solitude — I really enjoy my company.”

She went on to reveal this about her journey of self-discovery: “For example, one of the things I loved to do pre-pandemic is put on something cute and go for dinner and have a beautiful meal and a glass of wine. Well, can’t do that. But you know what? I can do that at home. I make a beautiful plate. I set it out and have a glorious meal. I make my bed every morning. One of the things that’s been lovely to discover is how I care for myself and how I actively love myself. And I believe that love is an action: You get back what you put in.”

Ellis Ross concluded by: “People can be in wonderful relationships but can’t actually reap the joy of that connection. Because you can have all the good stuff, but if you don’t know how to be with it, it doesn’t matter,” Ross reflected. “I realize that I hold the idea of wholeness with great reverence and respect because my goal is to have an experience with myself that is whole.”

Experts say it could take up to one year for things to get back to normal.


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