Tyga Is Back With Ex-Girlfriend Amanda Trivizas Who Gives Kylie Jenner A Run For Her Money In Tiny Bikini Photos

Amanda Trivizas Tyga Girlfriend Miami Vacation Photos

Tyga has been seen enjoying a yacht trip in Miami with his ex-girlfriend, Amanda Trivizas.

The 31-year-old rapper was photographed on Tuesday, soaking up the sun and laughing on the deck of a yacht with the 21-year-old Instagram model and influencer, who he reportedly dated for a short while in November 2019.

Tyga and Trivizas were also seen donning life jackets and going for a ride in the ocean on a jet ski. The father of one is taking the reins and his ex-girlfriend behind him with her arms around his waist.

Fans have commented on the resemblance between Tyga’s previous ex-girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, and Amanda Trivizas, as the two women both have slim toned figures, dark hair, and similar facial features.

Amanda Trivizas shared snaps of the day on her own Instagram story — where she has almost one million followers — showing off her yellow two-piece and long dark hair falling around her shoulders.

She was also seen taking photographs of two other women who appeared to have joined the couple on the yacht trip.

Trivizas is thought to have been dating Tyga — whose birth name is Micheal Ray Stevenson — back in 2019 but was seen naked in bed with soccer player Jonathan Dos Santos in May the following year when he accidentally posted the image to Instagram.

And she is not the only woman Tyga has been linked with who looks similar to Kylie Jenner. Since his break-up with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star in 2017, Tyga has been spotted with a number of Jenner lookalikes, including Nadia Almualem and Tammy Hembrow.

In a past interview, the rapper and frequent Chris Brown collaborator spoke about his on-and-off romance with the young billionaire.

He confessed: “When you’re with anybody that first year, it’s magic, and then after that, you start realizing a bunch of sh*t. I think the main thing was a lot of people—a lot of outside influences—and…she’s younger than me, and she’s dealing with perception. I’m older, so I can deal with perception. But for her, growing up how she grew up, image and perception was everything.”

Tyga also spoke about how social media affected their failed romance. He shared: “I like to keep mystique, but I knew that’s how she made her money. It’s not for me … I mean, when it was good, it was good. When it was bad, it was really bad.”

In July, several months into the coronavirus pandemic, Tyga formed a business partnership with Robert Earl — CEO of Planet Hollywood — and launched a food delivery service, Tyga Bites.


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