Helena Christensen Takes Fans Inside Her ‘Home Of Pleasure’ In Sexy Lingerie Photos

Helena Christensen Modeling Photos New Campaign

Helena Christensen has been posing up a storm from the comfort of her own home in New York as the 52-year-old supermodel becomes the face of a new lingerie campaign.

She was among the most prominent names of the 1990s in the supermodel world, and Helena Christensen has shown she still has it as she fronted Coco de Mer’s Icons campaign this week.

In photos directed and photographed by herself, she is seen wearing a range of sultry lingerie outfits, including a black ensemble complete with stockings and suspenders.

The new collection is referred to as the “home of pleasure,” a concept that many fans think Helena captures perfectly in her latest photoshoot.

Tagged the “Ultimate Female Gaze,” Helena certainly seemed to be getting into character as she stood looking over her shoulder in one of the photos, with plenty of cleavage revealed in her reflection in a bathroom mirror.

Another snap shows her posing on the edge of the bathtub, wearing a black and semi-sheer set of lingerie.

The supermodel wore bright red lipstick, and her hair cascaded around her face and shoulders.

In one stylish shot, Helena was seen sitting on the floor beside flower arrangements, which were positioned near a door, as she looked outside to a rainy afternoon.

She rose to fame in 1986 after winning Miss Universe Denmark and spent the next decade among other big names in the modeling world, including Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell.

At the end of the millennium, Helena co-founded a magazine, Nylon, which was published until 2017.

When speaking about her workout routine, she has previously said that spending time working out in nature is one of the ways she feels “alive.”

Helena has revealed she likes to swim in outdoor bodies of water, including lakes and oceans, adding it to her varied exercise routine.

She insisted that she does not work out to lose weight but to be physically strong. Helena confessed: “I want to do something that is super high-intensity and hardcore, so I won’t be distracted or bored. Then I do a lot of conditioning. I walk a lot and sprint, and I try to do yoga a couple of times a week.”

She added: “I work out to make myself stronger so that my body can be healthy and I can move gracefully, so I can eat pasta and cheese. I just would not be able to cut it out. Food is one of my favorite things in life.”

For many observers, what she is doing is working really well for her.


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