About Us

US DAILY REPORT was launched in 2017 with one primary objective — cover breaking political,
trending, and celebrity news from a fair and balanced perspective.

It is a no-holds-barred approach that aims to bring out the truth by always going at the root of each and every story.

At US DAILY REPORT; the editors, journalists, and writers try their best to cover all the different angles even when the topic is difficult.

The team is composed of experts who are determined not to fall for the sensationalistic side of news media.

US DAILY REPORT‘s writers do not rush to put information out. A story is only published after it was properly researched.

In the past months, our growth has been impressive, and things will only get better as we continue to expand our reach and hire more reporters.

US DAILY REPORT is everywhere and available to millions around the globe. The credit goes to our readers and our excellent partners that endorse our work and coverage.

Before anything, this is a growing community powered by engaged readers.

Visitors are encouraged to invite friends and family to an online space where real and respectful debates are appreciated. We are all in this together, no matter who or where we are.

We have experienced community moderators who want everyone to feel welcome and make sure that their views are treated with respect. We value different opinions.

US DAILY REPORT Editor-in-Chief:

Marc D. Henry — marc@usdailyreport.com

Kim Burke — kim@usdailyreport.com

US DAILY REPORT Contributors:

Dinah Johnston — dinah@usdailyreport.com

Jessy Brexton — jessybrexton@usdailyreport.com

Jordan Weaver — jordan@usdailyreport.com

Mark Sullivan — marks@usdailyreport.com

Stella Collins — stella@usdailyreport.com


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Twitter: https://twitter.com/USDailyReport

Tumblr: https://usdailyreport.tumblr.com/

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