Homeless Man Gets Big Donations And An Apology From Former Dunkin’ Donuts Worker Who Poured Water On Him

Jeremy Dufresne Shakeen Robbins Dunkin' Donuts Worker Pours Water On Homeless Man

Jeremy Dufresne, a homeless man, living in Syracuse, New York with learning disabilities, was featured in a video that went viral where an angry Dunkin’ Donuts employee kicked him out using cold water.

Samuel Breazeale launched a GoFundMe page for Dufresne and has raised over $19,000.

In the clip, the unnamed man could be seen pouring cold water on Dufresne’s head while he was sleeping to force him to leave the eatery.

The disturbing video quickly went viral, and many demanded that the employee be fired.

The incident took place over the weekend. Moments before the male employee dumped the water over Dufresne; he can be heard screaming: “How many times do I have to tell you to stop sleeping in here?”

Another employee, who does not appear in the clip, can be heard laughing.

According to an interview conducted by Dufresne, he was charging his phone to call his mother.

Dufresne added: “He probably had some personal problems of his own and needed someone to talk to. And he took it out on someone else, like me.”

Dufresne confessed that the other employees at the Dunkin’ Donuts had been nice to him and sometimes gave him food and drinks.

According to Dufresne’s aunt, Betty Jo Craven, and his mother, Bobbie Jo Richardson, he has schizophrenia and has refused to be helped, and he prefers to live outside.

After the scandal caused by a New Jersey couple — Kate McClure and Mark D’Amico — who had launched A GoFundMe campaign for homeless veteran Johnny Bobbitt, raised $400,000 and stole the money; many are attacking Breazeale.

Breazeale has been defending himself in a series of messages that read: “Whoever has a problem can message me. A GOFUNDME was made for only 150$!!!! 150$ that’s it!!! Just enough to get him clothes and food! It happened to grow!! Nothing is a scam. Sam Youngs is his older brother, and me and him and his mother have already talked and met about how he will be receiving this. /If you don’t know the facts keep your mouths shut! Also, I did not record the video.”

He added: “Please stop messaging me asking about the GOFUNDME. It bothers me that so many people would think that I would keep that money. I am not like that. Please stop messaging me asking me that. The money will be given to him through a trust, and it’s going to be put in a trust fund. It doesn’t happen overnight people. Thank you (also I did not record that video. ) I posted it just as many others did. Mine just happened to go viral. Thanks.”

Dufrense has made it clear that he is not interested in living inside. The Dunkin’ Donuts worker — Shakeen Robbins — who got fired has apologized and said that he was wrong for soaking the homeless man.



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