Prince William Harry Meghan Markle New Book Charles

Prince William’s Future In Limbo After Prince Harry Broke Promise With Book That Might Paint Him And Meghan Markle As Victims

In less than one year, Prince Harry is about to blow up what is left of the royal family with the much anticipated tell-all book to share his truth bombs once more.... Read more »
Prince Charles Harry Meghan Markle Meeting Skipped

Prince Harry Was Snubbed By Prince Charles Because Of A Secret Leak Involving Camilla Parker-Bowles

Prince Charles recently stood up to Prince Harry for a private meeting where they were supposed to work on their broken relationship after his and Meghan Markle‘s explosive interviews. According to a... Read more »
Queen Elizabeth Prince Harry Memoir Charles No Reactions

Queen Elizabeth And Prince Charles Are Not Angry About Prince Harry’s New Memoir For This Unexpected Reason

The memoir that many dreaded will be published by Prince Harry in late 2022, according to an official statement. Meghan Markle‘s husband announced this week that he had completed a yet-to-be-titled memoir... Read more »
Prince Charles William Kate Middleton Buckingham Palace

Prince Charles Allows Prince Wiliam And Kate Middleton To Break Protocol For Luxurious Life

In due time, Prince William will become the king of the United Kingdom, and the latest reports claim that he might break royal protocols years before he ascends the throne. It appears... Read more »
Prince Harry Charles Meghan Markle Drama Fear

Prince Charles’s Fears Of Stepping On Meghan Markle’s Toes Forced Him To Skip This Secret Event With Prince Harry

Recently, Prince Harry put on a brave and smiling face as he appeared at a low-key yet important event to pay tribute to his late mother, Princess Diana. During the trip, Prince... Read more »
Prince Charles Queen Elizabeth Pledge

Prince Charles Worries Royal Fans With These Photos While Contemplating To Break Queen Elizabeth’s Pledge

Supporters of the British royal family became worried for Prince Charles‘s health after pictures from his official appearance in London surfaced online. The 72-year-old heir apparent to the British throne recently made... Read more »
Prince Charles Harry Meghan Markle Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor Title

Prince Charles Hits Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Where It Hurts The Most

It is now certain that the firstborn child of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, will not become a prince once his grandfather, Prince Charles, becomes the King of the... Read more »
Queen Elizabeth Prince Charles Camilla Parker Bowles G7 Video

Prince Charles Saves Queen Elizabeth From Awkward Exchange With Camilla Parker Bowles In Video

Recently, the entire royal family, including Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, met with several world leaders of the most advanced countries and economies of the world during the G7 that was... Read more »
Prince Harry William Charles Queen Elizabeth Feud

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are Problematic For Prince Charles’s Future Reign

The relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry is at an all-time low, despite the best efforts of friends and other relatives. While Harry is open to putting the drama behind, he... Read more »
Prince Harry Charles William Grandchildren Privacy

Prince Charles Had A Fight With Prince William Over Rule That Protects Lilibet Diana

Prince Charles did not mention the name of his latest grandchild, Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, while on his first public engagement after her birth two weeks ago. After welcoming their second child on... Read more »
Queen Elizabeth Abdication Confessions Prince Charles

Queen Elizabeth Made Devastating Confession About Abdication And Why She Would Turn Over The Throne To Prince Charles

Queen Elizabeth II will not ever step down from her role as the most senior member of the royal family, except in two specific circumstances, a royal biographer revealed. In his recent... Read more »
Kate Middleton Prince Charles William New Titles After Queen Elizabeth Abdication

Kate Middleton Set For Big Changes Thanks To Prince Charles

It seems that Kate Middleton will not hold the title Duchess of Cambridge for much longer, as a great change is coming to the British royal family. Catherine first became the Duchess... Read more »