Obocho Peters Sasha Thrift Shop

Fifth-Grader Turns Into A Hero By Helping Low-Income Families And Sharing Wisdom With His Mom

Obocho Peters, an 11-year-old boy from New York City, made headlines when it was reported that he had established a second-hand store aimed at helping poverty-stricken people. Obocho first came up with... Read more »
Courtney Moore April Crites Kansas

Boy Consoles Crying Classmate With Autism In Touching Photo — The Compassion And Humanity Shine Trough

A little hero, Christian Moore, is being applauded for his kind gesture towards Connor Crites, an autistic student whom he saw crying near a classroom. A picture of the adorable moment that... Read more »
Charlie Duke Horsing Around On The Moon

Astronaut Charlie Duke Reveals He Almost Died While ‘Horsing Around’ On The Moon

There is no shortage of heroic stories coming out of the trips astronauts have made to the moon, and it does not look like they are going to slow down anytime soon.... Read more »
Flight Attendant Patrisha Organo Breastfeeds Stranger's Baby

Philippine Airlines Flight Attendant Patrisha Organo Breastfeeds Stranger’s Baby Midflight After Mother Runs Out Of Formula Milk

Patrisha Organo is a 24-year old flight attendant for Philippine Airlines, and she is being praised for breastfeeding a passenger’s hungry baby who would not stop crying. She does not see herself... Read more »
Paul Flart The Fart Authority Fired

Paul Flart, A Florida Security Guard, Gets Fired After Posting His Farts Online For Six Months

After getting fired, Doug, who goes by the clever name of Paul Flart, has become an overnight celebrity thanks to his hilarious videos where he is farting while at work. The Florida... Read more »
Doyle Stinson Indiana Store Owner

Indiana Store Owner Doyle Stinson Fights Back Robber Without Firing His Gun For Two Good Reasons

A careful store owner used his own gun to defend himself and his property against an armed robber while making sure not to harm a child nearby. Doyle Stinson, who runs the... Read more »
Bill Dunn Casey Dylan Keller

Florida Cop Bill Dunn Saves Little Girl From Hot Car In Dramatic Video — Drunk Mom Casey Dylan Keller Went To Buy Alcohol

On Father’s Day, Deputy Bill Dunn became a hero who saved the life of a 3-year-old Florida girl who was left in a scorching hot car for almost 24 hours by the... Read more »
Celeste Ayala Baby Milk Argentina

Celeste Ayala Is Being Called A Hero For Breastfeeding ‘Smelly And Dirty’ Baby While On The Job As A Police Officer

A police officer named Celeste Ayala is being called a hero after a picture was shared on social media where she was breastfeeding a hungry and dirty baby boy while on duty.... Read more »
Luther Yonger Waverlee Dan Bookhard

Army Vet Luther Yonger, 98, Walks 6 Miles Each Way To Visit Wife Waverlee In The Hospital

An army vet, Luther Yonger, 98, has captured the hearts of thousands after his epic story of love and dedication was shared by a local TV network in Rochester, New York. No... Read more »