Gosiame Thamara Sithole Teboho Tsotetsi Babies South Africa

Story About Woman Who Gave Birth To 10 Babies Takes Bizarre Twist After Government Officials Issued This Statement

A woman has reportedly given birth to ten babies simultaneously, breaking the current record, which was only last set in May this year. Gosiame Thamara Sithole, 37, gave birth to ten babies... Read more »
UPS Driver Unreasonable Request From Customer Video TikTok

UPS Driver Forced To Delete TikTok Viral Video About Angry Customer Who Made This Jaw-Dropping ‘Unreasonable’ Request

A UPS delivery driver posted a TikTok video which went viral — detailing his experience with a customer who insisted he disassembled and removed a massive piece of furniture from his home.... Read more »
Chrissy Teigen Candace Owens Courtney Stodden Old Tweets Apology

Donald Trump’s Supporter, Candace Owens, Slams ‘Predator’ Chrissy Teigen Over Courtney Stodden Old Tweets

Chrissy Teigen is in a heap of trouble, and it seems Candace Owens is determined to keep kicking her while she is down. This week, the chef and social media influencer left... Read more »
Feven Kay Fox 5 Las Vegas Reporter Arrested Pictures

Fox 5 Las Vegas Reporter Stuns In Pictures After Her Arrest Because She Was Nude And Drunk

A news anchor in Las Vegas was arrested and fined after police discovered her unconscious and naked in a car. Feven Kay — whose full name is Feven Kiflegiorgis — has been... Read more »
Kellie May Xiong Derek Chauvin Ex Wife Divorce Photos

Details About Derek Chauvin’s Ex-Wife, Kellie May Xiong Chauvin’s Life Are Revealed After He Was Convicted Of The Murder Of George Floyd

Days after the murder of George Floyd in May — for which ex-police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted on all charges last week — his then-wife, Kellie May Xiong Chauvin, filed for... Read more »
Daunte Wright Kimberly Potter Minnesota Shooting

Daunte Wright’s Family Speaks Out As Kimberly Potter, The Officer Involved In The Deadly Shooting, Resigns

The Minnesota police officer, who fatally shot Daunte Wright on Sunday afternoon, has been identified as Kimberly Potter, 48. On Tuesday, Kim Potter and Police Chief Tim Gannon have issued resignation letters... Read more »
Chantel Giacalone Model Las Vegas Lawsuit Pretzel Allergy

Model Chantel Giacalone, Brain-Damaged After Eating Pretzel, Awarded $29.5 Million — Her Lawyer Says ‘Profits Over Patient Care’ From Company Left Her Paralyzed

Chantel Giacalone, a model, and her family were awarded $29.5 million after being treated negligently by medics in 2013, leaving her paralyzed for life. Chantel Giacalone suffered an anaphylactic shock on February... Read more »
Danish Woman AstraZeneca COVID Vaccines

Woman Dies After Receiving COVID-19 Shot And Developing ‘Highly Unusual Symptoms’ — More Countries Suspend AstraZeneca Vaccines

A report has revealed a 60-year-old Danish woman, who died with blood clots after receiving a COVID-19 vaccination, was suffering “highly unusual symptoms.” According to a Danish Medicines Agency report, the patient... Read more »
Kassidi Kurill Utah Mom Moderna Vaccine COVID

Kassidi Kurill, Utah Mom, Who Died Four Days After Second Dose Of Moderna COVID Vaccine, Had No Underlying Conditions

A family in Utah is devastated by the death of Kassidi Kurill. The 39-year-old woman from Utah died just days after receiving her second dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. According to... Read more »
Cristian Pavon Pineda Texas Family Suing Energy Company ERCOT

Texas Family Suing Energy Company ERCOT For $100m After 11-Year-Old Son Froze To Death In Mobile Home — CEO Bill Magness Admits He Could Have Done A ‘Better Job’

The family of a young boy who died after freezing to death in a mobile home is suing electricity companies in Texas for gross negligence. Cristian Pavon Pineda was 11 years old... Read more »
Avani Reyes Tessica Brown Gorilla Glue Video

Tessica Brown Has Inspired TikToker Avani Reyes To Share A Video Of Her Hair Stuck With Gorilla Glue — She Has Already Received A Ton Of Donations

After “Gorilla Glue girl,” Tessica Brown, another social media user has reportedly been to the hospital after Gorilla Glue became stuck in her hair. Avani Reyes, who has almost half a million... Read more »
Len Martin Louisiana Rapper Shares Video After Gorilla Glue Girl Tessica Brown

Louisiana Rapper Len Martin Shares Viral Video In The Hospital After Gorilla Glue Challenge Goes Really Wrong Like Tessica Brown — Some People Blame Donald Trump For The Madness

Len Martin, a controversial rapper from Louisiana, has visited a hospital after applying Gorilla Glue to his lips in response to another social media user’s video. Some people are blaming former President... Read more »