Hunter Biden Barack Obama Joke

Hunter Biden’s Leaked Private Emails Reveal Embarrassing Barack Obama Joke And Racist Messages

According to a series of leaked emails, the son of President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, allegedly used the N-word word on numerous occasions while corresponding with his lawyer in the period between... Read more »
Donald Trump Joe Biden Polls Before Election

Donald Trump Had This Wacky Idea About Michelle Obama During The Election

It has been revealed Donald Trump could not believe at first that he was trailing Joe Biden in the polls leading up to the 2020 presidential election, and his initial reaction was,... Read more »
Ivanka Trump Donald Pants Backward

Ivanka Trump Flaunts Fit Body In Leaked Photos That Might Remove Attention From Donald Trump’s Pants Chatter

A video filmed on a phone at Donald Trump‘s recent rally in North Carolina has sent social media users down a rabbit hole of trying to figure out whether he was wearing... Read more »
Joe Biden Ronald Reagan Coast Guards Joke Virgina Girl

President Joe Biden’s Jaw-Dropping Memorial Day Weekend Joke Video Gives Fuel To Some Critics As Supporters Point To Early Successes

President Joe Biden delivered a joke during an event for the Memorial Day weekend that left many baffled and led to some harsh criticism and name-calling. Along with First Lady Jill Biden,... Read more »
Barack Obama Donald Trump Joe Biden New Book Edward Isaac Dovere

Barack Obama’s Epic Failures, Proudest Tweet, And Raw Thoughts About Donald Trump Are Revealed

Former US President Barack Obama reportedly called Donald Trump a “corrupt mother-f*****” behind closed doors, according to a new book by Edward-Isaac Dovere, which will be released next week. Speaking about his... Read more »
Kamala Harris Joe Biden Primary Debate

Jill Biden And Kamala Harris Pictured Together After First Lady Addressed Reports That She Lashed Out Over Former Rival ‘Calling’ Joe Biden A Racist During Heated Primary Debate

Jill Biden has decided to address the reports that she said that Kamala Harris “could go f*ck herself” after she had attacked Joe Biden during a heated debate and came short of... Read more »
Kamala Harris Niece Meena Boulder Shooting Suspect

Kamala Harris’s Niece, Meena Harris, Embarrassed The VP With Her Latest Move, According To Critics

Meena Harris has deleted a tweet she posted in the wake of the Boulder mass shooting on Monday. The post made the assumption that the killer was a White man. Kamala Harris‘s... Read more »
Melania Trump Son Barron Birthday Message

Melania Trump Shocks Fans After Posting This Photo On Barron Trump’s Special Day

Over the weekend, Melania Trump took to social media to mark a joyous occasion — the former First Lady of the United States was celebrating Barron Trump‘s 15th birthday. The ex-fashion and... Read more »
Meghan Markle President Donald Trump Election

Meghan Markle’s Political Career Takes A Hard Blow Because Of This Video

Donald Trump has said he might be more inclined to run for U.S. President in 2024 if Meghan Markle decides to run as a candidate for the Democrats. Speaking to Fox News... Read more »
Caroline Giuliani Rudy Daughter Unicorn Couple

Rudy Giuliani’s Daughter, Caroline Giuliani, Reveals Intimate Details Of Threesome With Couple, Weeks After Her Father Lost Donald Trump’s Election Fraud Case

Caroline Giuliani has revealed intimate details of her love life in a piece which she penned for Vanity Fair magazine, including her experiences as part of threesomes with couples. The 32-year-old daughter... Read more »
Ivanka Trump Vacation Photos Husband Jared Kushner And His Dad Charles

Ivanka Trump Stuns In Leaked Bikini Photos With Famous Ex-Convict Amid Reports She Has Big Plans With Former President Donald Trump

Ivanka Trump has been spending time with her family on a yacht in Miami, where she was photographed wearing a black bikini and jumping into the water with her daughter, Arabella, as... Read more »
Melania Donald Trump Ivanka Favorite Person

Melania Trump’s Former Friend Reveals Who Is The Most Important Person In Donald Trump’s Life

A new statement from Melania Trump‘s former senior advisor and close friend, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, claims that former President Donald Trump would always prefer his daughter, Ivanka Trump, to his wife. Wolkoff,... Read more »