Standards And Principles

US DAILY REPORT was launched in 2017 with one main goal in mind — cover breaking political,
trending, and celebrity news from a fair and balanced perspective in an ever-changing media landscape.

Our reporters and journalists are determined to get as close as possible to the truth without putting our standards and policies aside.

Conflict of Interest
Our journalists, reporters, and editors agreed to avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest.

While striving to get close to the truth, US DAILY REPORT is determined to push the values of fairness, dignity, and respect. In doing so, we do not use profanities, vulgarities, and obscenities unless it is in direct quotations and necessary.

When potential errors are brought to our attention, editors act swiftly to address the matter. If the error is significant, a correction will be published to address the change in the editor’s note.

Additional Policies and Information
Mission Statement, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.