Blue Bell Ice Cream Licker In That Viral Video Was Identified — Here Is Why She Will Not Face Serious Consequences

Blue Bell Ice Cream Licker Texas Walmart

After a video went viral showing a young woman licking ice cream inside its container at a Texas Walmart, and then returning it to its place on the shelf, many expressed their outrage over the incident and demanded punishment for the culprit.

Officials initially indicated that they had managed to identify the woman in the video, and were in the final steps of verifying her identity. Afterward, an arrest warrant was supposed to be issued for the woman.

The charges discussed were quite serious, with a fine of up to $10,000 along with a sentence of up to 20 years.

However, that was the extreme case; as the minimum sentence, the law foresees in this scenario is two years.

It was not clear where on the spectrum the woman would fall, though many had requested that she be punished as harshly as possible.

Authorities were also investigating a man. He could be heard in the video, encouraging the woman and telling her to lick the ice cream.

Police were trying to figure out the identity of the man and had requested for help from anyone who might have known more about the situation.

However, many thought it was not unlikely that the arrest of the woman herself would also lead to the identity of the man in the video.

Police had not released much information about the case other than the announcement of the possible identification of the suspect.

Still, many expected, more would likely come to the surface in the coming days after a full verification has been performed.

And, they were right, authorities have identified the two people in the viral video. However, the woman will not face serious consequences because she is only 17.

Lufkin Police and Fire announced Friday: “They were both forthcoming with what occurred and admitted to the act.”

The statement continued with: “We do not intend to pursue charges against her as an adult and therefore what happens from here is at the discretion of the juvenile justice system. As to whether her boyfriend will face charges, we are currently discussing his involvement with prosecutors.”

The case reminded people of Ariana Grande and when she licked the donut.

One commenter shared: “I believe it is, but I am starting to resent how much people are going hard for her to be locked up but didn’t show the same energy for Ariana Grande when she when she licked a đŸ©.”

This person added: “Ppl on the internet are such snitches omg 😂 mind the business that pays u sheesh. I don’t think jail or prison is necessary, but probation yes.”

Since the culprit is under 18, her identity has not been revealed.


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