Bernie Sanders And Joe Rogan Both Get Criticized For Primary Endorsement — Some Fans Say Comedian Should Have Gone With Andrew Yang

Bernie Sanders Joe Rogan Endorsement For President Drama

After comedian and podcast host Joe Rogan decided to show his support for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, the politician responded in kind by fully embracing the endorsement, and giving the spotlight to the mixed martial arts color commentator for a brief while.

And while Rogan is a very popular host respected by many, it is also no secret that he is a highly controversial and divisive figure, and far from everyone is a fan of his attitude and presentation.

With that in mind, not all responses received by Mr. Sanders were entirely positive, and many people have openly voiced their criticism for him over his actions.

People correctly pointed out some parts of Rogan’s recent statements, which have painted him in an unfavorable light with many commenters.

Specifically, Rogan seemed to imply that sexual abuse in childhood is the reason for people to be homosexual.

While Sanders has never espoused those views, or anything remotely close to them, associating himself with the media personality seems to have done a lot to drag his own name through the mud along with Rogan’s.

One of the comedian’s supporters stated: “He’s got as much chance of winning as Andrew Yang. That’s throwing your vote away.”

A second critic added: “Ok, so his reason for voting for Bernie is that ‘he’s insanely consistent’?! So basically, Bernie’s got bad ideas and doubles down on them and won’t consider compelling evidence presented that may prove his ideas are flawed (i.e., Venezuela). And that’s compelling evidence to vote for an inflexible, stagnant, unevolved clown🙄.”

So far, though, Sanders does not seem to care about the controversy and has continued on his path as usual.

It is very clear at this point that the politician has some rather unique views for his platform, and he is going to push them all the way without caring for the backlash he might receive.

And so far, this has earned him a lot of support and respect, so it is probably worth keeping an eye on his progress for the time being.

Senator Sanders is now expected to win next week’s Iowa caucuses in the battle for the Democratic nomination for president.

He is also favored to win the New Hampshire primary, and if he wins the Nevada caucuses in February, former Vice President Joe Biden and other rivals might have a lot of trouble stopping Sanders in the race to take on President Donald Trump in November.


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