Post Malone Helps Miami Strippers Make More Money In Viral Video During Super Bowl Weekend

Post Malone Miami Florida Strippers Super Bowl

In the aftermath of the 54th edition of the Super Bowl in Florida, it became known that strippers in Miami were among the highest earners of the popular event.

From the various materials that began to circulate over the Internet recently, it could be seen how strippers are strolling casually through a river of banknotes covering the floor of a strip club, seemingly having a good time while also earning quite the good buck for their work.

Post Malone, who was also present to the festivities surrounding one of the most significant events in the sports world, appeared in a short video that showed him smiling happily while handing over stacks of cash and reaching for more from the filled cardboard he had prepared.

In the video, someone could be heard asking the rapper for a stack of cash, to which he complies and gives the money away.

Malone was far from the only celebrity that celebrated in such an establishment, as the former Indianapolis Colts star, Edgerrin James, was also spotted around half-naked dancing women and he showed off the money he had in store for the occasion, as he was photographed sitting on piles of cash, which he called “Stripper Bowl.”

However, it seems that the strippers were not the only ones to enjoy the flying cash, as in another video, it could be seen how some of the clients of a strip club are trying to get away with some of the banknotes which had fallen on the floor.

A person from Chicago was ready for the whole and explained: “We came anyway, partly to see the clubs. Clubs here have full nudity and alcohol. Yeah, and there’s good weather.”

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However, some Malone fans are a bit worried about all the fun that he is having lately. One of them stated: “You can literally see the coke on his inflamed right nostril. He’s lost so much weight too. I hope he gets out of this shit before it’s too late.”

A second commenter explained: “Man clean up some. Stop smoking and drinking..we all love your music but your bad habits aren’t a good role model.”

On a more positive note, a third reply read: “YO POST, you lost some weight, good job looking good bruv🤘 keeping somewhat healthy and still vibing nice.”

Malone is living his best life regardless of what critics say and the Florida strippers were apparently happy to have fun with him.


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