Michael Jackson’s Only Daughter, Paris Jackson, Shares Intimate Details About Her Brothers And The King Of Pop

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Paris Jackson has spoken about her childhood growing up with famous father Michael Jackson as she joined supermodel Naomi Campbell on her YouTube channel this week.

The 22-year-old model and musician grew up in the public eye with her older brother, Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., now 24, and her younger brother, Prince Michael Jackson II, now 19.

The only daughter of the late King of Pop spoke on Tuesday on the podcast, No Filter, about what it was like to grow up with financial privilege, but how she still had to work hard and earn her accomplishments.

She said her father, Michael Jackson, was very keen that his children did not take anything for granted and grew up with a “strong work ethic” and a decent education.

As a child, Paris said she saw “everything” — from the 5-star hotels and the “glitz and glam” of celebrity life to the trips to underdeveloped countries — which she claims gave her an insight into “every part of the spectrum.”

Naomi Campbell — who featured alongside Michael Jackson on his 1991 single “Into the Closet,” told Paris that she was “so sweet and polite” when she met her as a child.

The supermodel also reflected on how important it is to learn and understand how “the other half” lives when coming from a life of privilege and opportunity.

Paris Jackson shared more about her father’s parenting style — saying that she and her siblings learned how to earn things themselves, such as reading five books if they wanted five toys.

She confessed: “My dad was really good about making sure we were cultured, making sure we were educated, and not just showing us like the glitz and glam, like hotel hopping, five-star places.”

She added: “Even growing up, it was about earning stuff. If we wanted five toys from FAO Schwarz or Toys ‘R’ Us, we had to read five books. It’s earning it, not just being entitled to certain things or thinking “oh I got this.” It’s like working for it, working hard for it. It’s something else entirely. It’s an accomplishment.”

The two women spoke about modeling — a shared interest as Paris Jackson has been exploring the modeling world after being told that she had the height and looks to be a model.

However, Paris said her ultimate goal would be using her platform as a force for good, using her modeling and musical skills to grow it and build a bigger following.

She released her first album, Wilted, in November 2020, following the path of her legendary musical father, and said she hopes her music helps people to feel “less lonely” during the coronavirus pandemic.


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