Prince Harry Was Reportedly Forced To Make These Controversial Moves Because Of Meghan Markle’s Big Ambitions

Meghan Markle Getting In Politics Tom Bower Prince Harry

Meghan Markle is “likely” to try and enter the world of US politics and may even launch a presidential campaign, according to biographer Tom Bower who is beginning a 12-month research project into the Duchess of Sussex.

The leaked information comes after it was revealed that Prince Harry is making controversial moves to keep up with his wife’s big ambitions.

Tom Bower, who is known for his tell-all books about famous figures, including Prince Charles and Boris Johnson, will be spending the next year speaking with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s friends and foes.

He will write a biography about Meghan Markle, 39, who has reportedly distanced herself from the book and said she wants nothing to do with it.

Bower said the prospect of Meghan launching a US presidential campaign is “likely,” as this is where he believes she sees her future.

However, to make it in the world of politics, she would need to “learn to take the heat,” according to Bower, who remarked that politicians are “probably” the public figures who face the most backlash from the media.

He claimed that Meghan’s “sensitive” character makes it difficult for her to take criticism aimed at her by the press.

Bower also suggested that Meghan Markle would need to be a “team player” and create an “army” of loyal staff members and supporters who will help her build a supporter base and ultimately win votes.

Buckingham Palace has recently opened an investigation into bullying allegations against Meghan Markle and how they were handled by palace staff in 2018.

However, Bower also had high praise for many of Meghan’s qualities, including her drive, ambition, self-confidence, public speaking skills, and conviction on the issues she believes in.

Last week, it was reported that Catherine St Laurent, who was appointed last April as chief of staff and executive director for the Sussexes’ non-profit foundation, Archewell, had stepped down from her role after less than a year.

Meanwhile, to stay relevant and to prove to Meghan Markle that he is up to par with her smarts and goals, Prince Harry has landed several high-profile and well-paying jobs in the mental health industry.

Last week it was confirmed that The Duke of Sussex landed a gig as an executive at BetterUp, a $1 billion California-based mental health business.

Queen Elizabeth II‘s grandson has also become a member of the Aspen Foundation, which is working to eliminate misinformation in America.

Prince Harry received major backlash after the job announcements were made.

A critic said: “This is a slap in the face for those who are more qualified than Henry. First, Henry was ashamed of wifey’s mental problems to get her the appropriate help. Secondly, he has no real qualifications except for being a Prince.”

Another naysayer added: “Why didn’t he sign up Megs for a coach in the app? If she was having mental health issues. How long before H starts doing infomercials. He’s a joke. Also, coach? If I’m truly having mental health issues, I’d look for an actual professional, not someone who is knowledge probably comes from reading self-help books.”

In an interview with The Telegraph, talent manager Jonathan Shalit explained why Harry had to seek new employment despite the major backlash: “He doesn’t need a celebrity. When you’re Royal, you’re the biggest celebrity in the world. But what this does is allow Harry to have relevance.”

The expert added: “I’ve met Meghan on a number of occasions and she is a hugely astute woman, very bright, incredibly impressive. So for Harry to keep up with his wife, he’s got to find his own name and identity, and this is the start.”

Meghan always had politics on her mind, some observers say.


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