Man, Who Allegedly Shot And Killed Postal Worker Over Delayed Stimulus Check, Claims He Was Maced — If Convicted, He Could Get Life In Prison

Tony Cushingberry-Mays Angela Summers Mail Carried Killed Over Stimulus Check

Angela Summers, a 45-year-old Indiana postwoman from Indianapolis, was allegedly shot to death while performing her duties by Tony Cushingberry-Mays, who was reportedly angry due to the delay of the delivery of his relief check for COVID-19.

The frustrated civilian, who is allegedly 21 years old, shot the unsuspecting postal worker in the torso, while she was covering her route in the vicinity of East Michigan Street and North Sherman Drive, Indiana.

According to authorities, the suspect of the crime was detained on the following day and was accused of the murder of Summers.

Furthermore, it was reported that Cushingberry did the deed because Summers allegedly did not deliver him his stimulus check, as he did not want to restrain his hostile Chihuahua.

Meanwhile, the president of the National Association of Letters Carriers, Paul Toms, stated that in the past, it was reported that the late postwoman did not get along very well with some of the people who lived in the area where she was gunned down.

Toms elaborated further by stating, “Yes, there was a history on this for quite a while, as I understand it” and continued by saying, “I want something like this to never happen again. It should never happen.”

The president of NALC also claimed that the postal worker was now deceased, as someone was angry because of the delays of the coronavirus stimulus checks.

Furthermore, according to Toms, the distribution of letters was put on hold for half a month, when the late postwoman requested from the pet owners in the area to constrain their dogs when she brought them their mail.

Indianapolis Postmaster Christi Johnson-Kennedy said: “There will always be a void where she was. There’s an empty space for all of us there, and her memory will live on through us. We’ll never forget her and the service that she did every day.”

According to investigators, Cushingberry has confessed to the killing but he insists that the victim had maced him. The suspect is still at the Marion County jail. If the man gets convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in prison.

A yard sign made to support Cushingberry was removed after it went viral. It read: “FREE MY SON TONY!” It was put in place in from t of the home, where the mail carrier was shot and killed.


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