Beyoncé’s Daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, Appears In Leaked Video That Angers Some Because Of Her Makeup And Clothes

Beyoncé Blue Ivy Carter Dance 'Making The Gift'

It looks like Blue Ivy Carter has a dancer in her, and the young lady has taken a particular liking to the music of her own mother, Beyoncé.

A recent video showed Jay-Z‘s little girl dancing it up to “Mood 4 Eva,” gathering lots of comments and likes all over various social media platforms.

Many people have chimed in to say that little Blue Ivy looks delighted, and she has not been affected too much by the current pandemic situation.

And as some have pointed out, this is probably primarily due to the influence of her mother, who has been taking good care of her throughout.

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However, others were a bit angered that she had makeup on at such a young age, and a few fans did not approve of her clothes, which they deemed too much for her.

This critic had the following to say: “Nice dance, but why does she have on that dark lipstick she’s only nine years old.”

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A backer of the family responded with this plausible explanation: “Or maybe she is doing what ALL little girls around the globe do…play in their momma’s makeup, heels, and wigs. She is just viral with hers…no different. Serena was on IG with Olympia messing in her makeup…all over her face, no doubt, but she was still playing in her makeup. So dark lips, belly out dancing inside soooooo what! If she is walking around outside…still wouldn’t be our business but comment then.”

Another woman, who finds she is too young for makeup, claimed: “This has nothing to do with race or her parents being wealthy. No eight-year-old child should have a stylist or wearing all that makeup. She’s a child! Let her be a child! Why on earth does she have to be “styled” for people to see her? OMG! Why do people always assume it’s racism?”

A supporter stepped in with this comment: “Maybe because she’s been at home because of COVID-19 or she’s bored, and she has the best makeup and Mommy’s things to play with, why wouldn’t she play with her mother’s makeup why wouldn’t she want to be like Queen Bey you never plays or shared a moment with your mom’ playing with her makeup. Let that girl live, don’t worry; she is still going to be better off than most of us because of her parents. So worry and comment on your own back yard sweety its when we live and LET LIVE things will be better for you.”

It is worth pointing out that the video is apparently not even new, so that might be a moot point in general.

The video was apparently taken straight from Making the Gift, the Beyoncé documentary, and shows her dancing happily in a pink outfit.

And even though the footage is not that new, and is surely already familiar to many of the singer’s fans, it did not take long for it to gather a lot of attention with some people talking about little Blue Ivy in detail.

It does look like the mood is quite high in Beyoncé’s household, which is definitely a good sign in the background of so many celebrities who seem to be struggling with the current situation.

Indeed, it looks like the pandemic has managed to get to many in one way or another.

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