Cardi B Is Unrecognizable In Photos Where She Is Flaunting Her New Body After Plastic Surgery — Fans Criticize Her Scandalous Transformation

Cardi B Wife Of Migos Rapper Offset Doing Ads Instead Of Releasing New Music

While in quarantine with her family, Cardi B has found ways to make money by becoming an Instagram model for several big names.

This week, the famous MC from New York decided to leave nothing to the imagination in a tiny bikini while soaking in the sun.

In the viral picture, Offset‘s wife is wearing a leopard print bikini that features diamonds on the side as she lounges by her stunning pool.

To complete the look, Cardi opted for a pair of matching sky-high Dolce and Gabbana wedges. Cardi opted for long blond hair and very complex nails that have fans asking many hygiene-related questions.

While the photo was an ad for the rhinestones bikini, she used the caption to talk about the killer shoes.

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Leave my rolls alone

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Cardi B captioned the photos: “It’s all about the shoes for me.”

Many fans of the artist are disappointed because she has gone too far with the plastic surgery, and others are angry due to the fact that she has not released new music in a long while.

A critic lashed out at Cardi by saying: “A female rapper that was supposed to stay on top, but turned into an ig model.”

This Instagrammer told Cardi B that she was unrecognizable in the jaw-dropping photos: “Ummm, that’s not Cardi anymore. That’s Carol, and she got that Kardashian surgery pack.”

A music lover who misses Cardi, the rapper, slammed her by saying: “Her career died… she an ig model now. 🤣”

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It’s all about the shoes for me

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However, one backer opted to explain why Cardi has dropped any new songs: “Imma give all of you the real quick tea on why Cardi hasn’t dropped…. ok, so all of you know how 360 deals work, right? The label gives the artist lots of promos, production, looks, pretty much bankrolls EVERYTHING for the first album. But afterward, they are the FIRST to get the bag, any real money the artist makes from that album goes straight to them. Of course, you’ll never know the artist is actually broke, the label still puts them up nicely and all but only with the intention of squeezing them for more money. Now Cardi is obviously in a 360 hit her situation is a bit more messed up because not only is she in a 360 but her label is in the middle of an investigation about using payola(which they did, and that’s the reason why she can’t tour) Right now all eyes are on them. Hence, there is no way they can give any songs she drops the same payola push as the previous ones.”

Another comment read: “As such, she’s at a standstill, she’s also in the middle of litigation, which has frozen any income she could have (minus a couple of non-music related projects) but once that’s up the label, producers, writers, etc. will have to be paid—leaving her with little to nothing. Don’t believe me? The only one paying the bills right now is Offset hence why he is trying to get at QC because the money is running low. 💯”

Cardi keeps the money flowing.

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My baby.He learning the steps 😩😂

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