Prince William Confesses In New Video The Reason Why He Went Crazy And Broke Royal Protocol — Where Was Kate Middleton That Day?

Prince William Kate Middleton Liverpool Barcelona Match

Members of the English royal family have many rules and protocols that they should abide by, but recently, the future King of England went out of control and did something he should not have done.

Prince William appeared on The Peter Crouch Podcast last month, where he confessed that out of excitement, he broke the rules and sent out a celebratory tweet.

William and his wife Duchess Kate Middleton do not operate their @KensingtonRoyal account, but after an epic soccer match, he found a way to send out a message to Liverpool fans.

The father of three said this about the “crazy” yet memorable moment: “When Liverpool did that amazing [game against Barcelona] I went mental, I grabbed the Twitter thing, and I just posted it. It was an amazing match. I was literally blown away by it. It was one of the best games of football I’ve ever seen. And I got completely out of control, and I just went, ‘Tweet that, get it out. Give it here!'”

William surprised listeners by saying that he had been trying to get access to the Twitter account for a long time, but his team had always managed to keep him away from it.

The Duke of Cambridge confessed: “Nearly every Villa game we’ve won, which hasn’t been many this season, but nearly every Villa game, I’ve been trying to get hold of it, and they keep me away. They keep me away from it now. I have to fight them for it!’

Many royal fans are wondering where Kate was when William was sending out his tweet.

In the same interview, William spoke about the On the Heads Up campaign, which was put together by The Football Association and Heads Together and spearheaded by The Duke of Cambridge. The campaign focuses on mental and physical health.

William said: “I don’t know what it is, but guys find it a bit more difficult to relax. We talk about physical fitness, we all want to go to the gym and stay fit, but we never really talk about mental fitness, and it’s the same thing.”

He added: “We all have mental health, and we all need to stay mentally fit and no more so than professional athletes, who under special circumstances when you’re playing for England under huge pressure, you’ve got to have your head razor-sharp, as well as your feet, your legs all that.”


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