Wendy Williams’s Fans Are Reeling After Her Latest Comments About President Donald Trump In Viral Video

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Wendy Williams is a living and walking contrarian, who loves to poke the majority for ratings — and she did just that on Monday by showing some support for soon-to-be ex-President Donald Trump.

Trump has refused to concede the presidential election and has been pushing the baseless allegation that the Democratic Party embraced illegal voting to win the presidential race.

On Thursday, President Trump broke his silence about the results and falsely claimed widespread fraud by the Democrats and the media.

He said in his fiery speech: “If you look at the legal votes, I win very easily. They’re trying very obviously to commit fraud. I’ve said very strongly that mail-in ballots are going to end up being a disaster,” he said. “It’s getting worse and worse every day.”

Trump has no plans to concede anytime soon, and instead, he has filed multiple lawsuits in the states that voted, for President-elect Joe Biden.

Note that Trump has yet to produce any evidence to back his wild and unfounded allegations. Trump, who recently contracted the coronavirus, is planning multiple rallies to continue to push the false claim that the election results are inaccurate.

On her BET show, Williams left many baffled by standing with Trump.

During Monday’s episode of The Wendy Williams Show, she stated: “I believe that Donald Trump, our president, has every right to investigate. If he feels that this election was stolen from him, then he has the right. He and his chief counsel Mayor Rudy Giuliani who have been on TV all weekend long explaining to us exactly what’s gonna happen, then he has the right.”

Williams went on to say: “Just, Mr. President, if I could ask one favor of you on behalf of all of us? Don’t hold the process up too much. We must move on with our lives.”

When Trump first hinted that he was thinking about the presidency, Williams did an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, where she said: “I love Donald Trump. He’s a friend to the show, and if he wins, that’ll be my first time ever going to the White House.”

Social media users are slamming Williams for her comments.

One person had this reaction: “Wendy, if you a Trump supporter, just say that. Why is it this hard for him to accept the fact he lost? This is why other countries laugh at us..”

She was called out by another Democrat who wrote: “Nah man, Biden has won the election if that’s the case 4 years ago Hillary Clinton should have done an investigation on him if she wanna put it like that.”

Trump was mocked by an Instagrammer who chimed in: “Keep crying, Donald. It’s part of America’s democracy to continue the vote counting. Biden will make America great again #biden2020..”

Williams might also be trying to let Trump down easy.


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