Halle Berry’s Fans Joke She Is Too Thin After Sharing This Interesting Bathing Suit Photo

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Halle Berry is an avid social media user who keeps her followers entertained with hilarious and uplifting posts.

Berry, a workout enthusiast, recently posted a funny photo that showed off the crazy yet creative decorations that she displayed at her Hollywood mansion.

The Oscar winner came up with the brilliant idea of having several skeletons in bikinis with big hats relaxing in her backyard.

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Lazy bones. 🍸

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She had the scantily-clad skeletons lounging on chairs next to the pool. Berry also placed a few skinny bones around a table as if they were having drinks while enjoying a conversation about the state of the world.

The filmmaker, who did not appear in the picture, had this perfect caption: “Lazy bones.”

Actor and comedian Arsenio Hall spotted the photo and shared this funny reply: “Too thin! They need Roscoes!”

Berry responded with a few laugh out loud emojis.

A follower of the movie star jokingly said it was time for Berry to gain a little weight and added: “Yup, that will do it. A few quick carbs gained that was me during the quarantine.”

Another funny joke read: “Halle wants to go for a swim, but she’s got nobody to go with…. lol 🖤😎. That is me waiting for the man of my dreams to show up.”

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This backer told Berry she was too thin and added: “Might want to ease up on the workouts, Halle. You are looking a little thin..😉.”

Berry, who recently confirmed to the world that she is indeed dating R&B singer-songwriter Van Hunt with a series of Instagram pictures, is said to be happy and in love.

A source close to the John Wick: Chapter 3 actress spoke to the media and revealed: “Halle and Van have been together for almost six months, and so far, things couldn’t be better. She’s delighted with him. She wasn’t looking for anything when they got together, so it really took her by surprise but in the best way. She seems to be very serious about him. They’re pretty inseparable. She’s working on a movie in Montreal right now, and he’s there with her.”

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now ya know… ♥️🦶🏽

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The insider went on to say: “She’s very serious about him, and he’s met her kids and her close friends. He’s got everyone’s seal of approval. Everyone thinks he’s a great match for her. Halle respects him so much as an artist. She’s a huge fan of his music, so even though she is the more famous one, there’s no imbalance. She’s very starry-eyed over him.”

Berry has evolved quite a bit in recent years, a true inspiration for many.


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