Khloé Kardashian Goes Through Big Transformation After Sharing Racy Detail About Her life In Viral Video

Khloe Kardashian Tristan Thompson Hair Color

Khloé Kardashian loves to keep her fans on their toes by drastically changing her looks.

Some of her supporters go as far as to say that she takes satisfaction in debuting a different appearance in every photo.

This week, the mom of one dropped a stunning picture on Instagram, revealing that she has ditched her steamy blonde hair for a darker hairdo.

The reality TV star is now rocking a deep brown, almost cocoa hair color. The color really popped out because Kardashian was dressed in white.

Kardashian hinted that she went through the hair transformation for Christmas. Some believe that it might be for the Kardashian Jenner Family Christmas card.

Her caption read: “counting down the days until Christmas.”

Despite the ongoing pandemic and the many lockdowns because the coronavirus cases are once more on the rise, the media personality confirmed that the show would go on for the holiday season.

One fan asked on Twitter about the famous Kardashian/Jenner family annual Christmas Eve bash.

The person said: “OMG I just realized….. is the Kardash/Jenner Christmas party getting canceled this year ???? @khloekardashian.”

Kardashian responded by: “I pray, not! I think it will have to be way smaller, obviously. And I’m totally fine with that! But we’re definitely celebrating Christmas! It will just have to be small and safe. Maybe do rapid testing before 😳 We have to think of what is safest.”

Last week, the fashion designer appeared on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, where she spoke about her shaky romance with Tristan Thompson after he cheated on her by kissing Jordyn Woods.

She explained that she is not sleeping with her baby daddy and added: “We’re in a really good place. He’s been super helpful, and when I was isolated, he helped with so many responsibilities.”

She went on to say this about Thompson: “But I can also tell his energy is different. He’ll touch my shoulders or something, and I’ll be like, ‘Okay, you’re getting a little too touchy,’ and he’s like, ‘I just want you to know if ever you are thinking the same thing, I’m thinking.'”

Kardashian lamented by saying: “I think I feel a little more pressure; even my family is like, ‘Are you guys sleeping together or not?’ No, we’re not. He’s never said I need an answer, but I almost feel like he needs an answer, as to like, ‘What are we doing?'”

The influencer concluded by making this revelation: “I just wish I had a definitive answer on my end. I wish I either said, ‘I have all these feelings for Tristan, I just am afraid’ or ‘I don’t have any feelings. I don’t even know how to get a feeling back, any feeling.”

Some observers say that the couple is really back together.


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