Skai Jackson And Beyoncé’s Nephew, Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr.’s Leaked Revenge Photo And Video Spark Debate

Skai Jackson Beyonce Nephew Julez Revenge Video

Actress Skai Jackson has become a trending topic after Beyoncé‘s nephew, Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr., revealed that they once had a relationship that ended on a bitter note.

A photo of Skai sitting on Julez J.’s shoulders has been leaked online, along with a video. Fans rushed to social media to say that Solange Knowles‘s son and Jackson made a cute couple.

In a surprising move, Julez decided to speak about the failed romance. Chatting with his followers, Julez, 16, said that they split and they are no longer friends.

He also had some harsh words for the Disney Channel princess whom she accused of cheating on him. Rumors claimed that Skai Jackson was 17 years old when she dated Julez, who was 15 at the time.

Julez said that they were sexually active, and he was upset by how the Skai treated him, which is why he took revenge on her.

The teenage boy had this to say: “I made sure to ruin her life. I fu**ed her good and got her addicted and then left her. It’s complicated.”

Julez went on to add: “I don’t like her like this don’t believe what other people say…. and her personality and her ego is very big… she needs to come [down] back to earth.”

One person had this to say about the matter: “And that is a problem. I don’t know if this is an American thing…but can’t yall wait until yall are legal, then date? Like just don’t date at all if you’re below 18, is it so hard? Don’t yall have school to worry about at that age?”

Another commenter claimed: “Everyone keeps saying she said that, but nobody is dropping the source. Let alone IF it was a week before, that would still make her look bad. It’s weird for a 17 yr old to be fw a 15 yr old.”

This social media user explained: “I hope Solange pop you in your sh8t like she did Jay-Z.. you need it; you’ve been getting out of hand thinking you can do anything because Solange is your mom and Beyoncé is your aunt.”

Via Twitter, a scandalous and private video surfaced of Skai Jackson, and Julez is getting slammed for leaking it.

Skai Jackson appears to address the leaked video and photo by tweeting: “The negative energy you put out is the same energy you are putting on to yourself.”

Some are openly wondering if this situation did not cross a moral line and if adults should not intervene.


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