Ayesha Curry And Daughter Riley Put Steph Curry In A Tough Position With This Video — He Will Have To Compete Against Beyoncé

Ayesha Curry With Daughters Riley And Ryan Carson Beyonce Christmas Box Video

In a year of many surprises, Ayesha Curry certainly seemed to have the shock of her life when she opened some new gifts from the one and only Beyoncé.

An Instagram post featuring Ayesha and her children showed the sheer joy and excitement at receiving what she termed a ‘Beyoncé box.”

Sitting on the floor and slowly unwrapping the colorful, floral box sent from Queen Bey herself, Ayesha can be seen smiling and squealing with delight as her 8-year old daughter, Riley Elizabeth, repeatedly encourages her to “open it, open it, open it!”

When Ayesha discovers the contents of the box, she is even more excited, telling viewers that she really “wanted the black” range.

As she checks out the items, her 5-year old daughter, Ryan Carson, interrupts to say that she loves them too.

It certainly seems that the Curry family might be fighting over Christmas presents this year! Poor Steph Curry will have to up his game as Santa Claus this time around because he is competing with Beyoncé as a gift-giver.

A fan told the happy family: “You and Riley being so excited, Lmaoo, I cannot! BEYONCEEEEEEE! Lol, we need a video of you in these fits now!”

It is no secret that the family are Beyoncé fans. Earlier this year, Ayesha uploaded a video of her daughters — Riley and Ryan — dancing enthusiastically to Beyoncé’s Black is King.

And Ayesha is not the only celebrity to be the lucky recipient of a gorgeous “Beyoncé box.” Since Jay-Z‘s wife launched her Ivy Park X Adidas line, several lucky A-list celebrities have been gifted fashion freebies, including talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and rapper Missy Elliott.

The move made a critic wonder: “I wonder if Beyoncé sends boxes to people who are not celebrities. So far, every celebrity I follow has received a box. I get it. Free promotion.”

Another naysayer shared: “This is like that meme where it says rich ppl give rich ppl free stuff to promote it to the poor ppl to buy.”

Although she had to cancel her 2021 tour due to the coronavirus pandemic, Beyoncé was not going to walk away from her love of fashion.

As well as developing her new fashion brand and sharing the love with her fellow celebrities, the whole Beyoncé family has been getting involved with “fashion Fridays” to bring some excitement to the week while so many things got canceled because of COVID-19.


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