Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton’s Engagement Was Great Publicity For ‘The Voice,’ But Here Is What Could Have Made It Bigger

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It was the engagement that fans were waiting for — Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are set to get married in the near future.

The power couple took to social media a few weeks ago to announce to the world that they are happily engaged. Blake and Gwen not only made their followers excited, but they have also delighted the heads at The Voice and NBC.

Many noticed that the country star popped the question around the same time as the big return of The Voice.

According to insiders, the singing reality show is expecting a ratings bonanza thanks to the couple’s happy news.

The TV experts predict that millions of fans will tune in to the show not only for the talents but to watch the power couple, who are often flirting and talking about their love story, give hints about their upcoming lavish wedding.

A source close to the show had this to say about the pair to OK!: “After five years of dating, The Voice coaches Gwen and Blake have made it official just weeks into the new season of the show. Not only that but they also just happened to announce the big news on a Tuesday, the very night their show airs. Coincidence? I think not.”

The person familiar with the situation said Blake and Gwen’s romance is entwined with The Voice — which is great publicity for everyone.

The insider went on to explain: “Don’t get me wrong, these two are very much together and in love; however, a little bit of publicity for the two judges that met and fell in love on The Voice isn’t going to hurt anyone.”

It was further revealed: “Now, viewers will get to see in real-time these two planning a life together when the live shows return on November 30. You know there will be cake and a celebration on the live show that night. Producers are already excited about showing off that huge ring on Gwen’s fingers during the show.”

According to the staff member, Blake could have proposed on the Voice and make the whole thing bigger.

The source continued: “In a perfect world, Blake would have proposed on a live show but second after that, proposing right now in the first few weeks of the new season they are on together is great. The fear was these two were going to get married when Gwen was off the show having been replaced for a season by Nick Jonas.”

There is no love/business like show business love.


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