Phoebe Dynevor Strips Down To Her Underwear In Steamy Photos And Tells ‘Bridgerton’ Fans That She Is “Intrigued” About Falling In Love With A Co-Star

Phoebe Dynevor Bridgerton Rege Jean Page Photos

Phoebe Dynevor decided to strike a pose for a French magazine, as new photos are revealed of the actress — now sporting red hair like her character, Daphne Bridgerton — wearing some stunning outfits and lingerie.

The 25-year-old actress recently shot to fame, playing the role of Daphne Bridgerton in the hit Netflix series Bridgerton, but now she seems to be earning even more fans following her beautiful photoshoot.

She posed in different outfits for the cover of the digital magazine L’Officiel, which also interviewed her about life in the spotlight after the success of Bridgerton.

One of the outfits she posed in consisted of a nude-colored lace bra by Gucci, along with matching underwear.

In another image, she wore tights, stiletto heels, and a nude bodysuit. Dynevor’s dyed red hair, the same color as her character, Daphne, immediately had fans speculating whether she has started filming for the second season of Bridgerton, following the success of the first one after being released on Christmas Day last year.

Speaking to L’Officiel magazine about her fashion choices, Dynevor said that she does not follow fashion trends and prefers to buy clothing that will last for years.

She said she looks for good quality and does not want to turn over her wardrobe with new items every year.

Asked about her life in the spotlight following the series’ success, Dynevor said she is not “fearful” about sharing her views and saying what she thinks.

She mentioned Vice President Kamala Harris, saying that if she wanted to share posts online about the US politician — who she labeled “amazing” — then she would not worry about others disagreeing with her.

She stated: “I’m also aware that I am not clued up on everything. But I am clued up on what it means to be a woman. So, if I want to share a post about Kamala Harris, who I think is amazing, then I will.”

She also opened up about the chemistry between her and Regé-Jean Page: “I’d love to say there was really something between us [Regé-Jean]. But no, it has always been strictly professional. There was so much pressure on us to get it right that it was all about the work. We have a really professional working relationship. I’m glad for that, actually. It would be very complicated if it went further. I always hear about people falling in love with their co-stars. It’s yet to happen to me, but I’m intrigued.”

Regé-Jean Page, who stars alongside Phoebe Dynevor in Bridgerton as the Duke of Hastings, was reported to have boarded a plane from London for filming earlier this week.

On Tuesday, a casting announcement was made for Season 2, prompting more speculation that filming has already begun.


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