Jennifer Lopez Removes Her Robe In Video To Show She Is Real And Made Her Fans Angry

Jennifer Lopez Real Makeup Video Alex Rodriguez Engaged

Jennifer Lopez has shared a new video to Instagram promoting her skincare range while wearing a low-cut pink bra.

The 51-year-old pop icon was seen wearing a silk robe, flawless makeup, and a glamorous blow-dry for the first half of the video.

She took fans through four different skincare products from her brand JLO Beauty, including a cleanser, a serum, a cream, and a complexion booster.

In the fifth and final step, which Lopez labeled “glow” she reappears without the robe with a bright pink bra, wet hair, and large hoop earrings.

The whole video is accompanied by her own song “I’m Real” (Remix) from 2001, which she recorded with Ja Rule for her second studio album J.Lo, which contained a total of 15 tracks.

Jennifer Lopez also shared a “secret ingredient” which is in all the products she advertised — olive oil.

Her mother used to tell her that olive oil was a cure for everything, and Lopez used it on her own skin when she was a teenager.

She said this made her realize how powerful it can be as an ingredient in skincare products. The video, shared to her Instagram account on Wednesday, was captioned “GLAM to GLOW” as Lopez promised to reshare her “faves” and encouraged followers to use her products and share pictures.

Lopez was dragged for using a filter in the video to make her face appear smoother and younger.

A person made this remark: “You got filters on.” This social media user chimed in: “I’m like, are we just supposed to ignore the filters ???😂😂😂 Right? And how the FK for she or anyone expects to come out with now after all these years, and she comes out here with a filter?! Lol, it’s just wrong and making money off of the ones that believe in this BS! 😂”

This mom stepped in to explain: “It is hard enough for young girls with the superficial ( and artificial ) standards put before them. If I was in front of people or a camera and had that kind of money for upkeep, yea, I might do it. I would not deny it, though. It’s sad, with all the re-touching, girls think they have to be perfect and so thin – all unrealistic standards of beauty. I know JLO is capable of being more than this – she has kids of her own. For the most part, while her commercial photos are gorgeous and glamorous, they are highly ( like all others ) filtered, edited, re-touched, etc. This is not an opinion, and it’s a fact.”

Jennifer Lopez is engaged to former MLB player Alex Rodriguez after he proposed to her in 2019.

The couple was due to tie the knot in Italy last summer, but the coronavirus pandemic put a halt to their plans.

On Valentine’s Day, Lopez shared a video of a huge bunch of red roses and balloons, with Frank Sinatra‘s “Funny Valentine” playing along in the background.

She said February was the “anniversary month” for her and her fiancé, A-Rod, since they met on February 1 and went for their first date just two days later.


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