Kate Moss’s Sister, Lottie Moss, Decided To Unbutton Her Pants To Flaunt Her Sexy Physique In Close-Up Photos

Lottie Moss Goes Out With Friends Selfies

Lottie Moss shared a collection of selfie photos to her Instagram this week, enjoying the LA sunshine wearing a floral bikini and joining friends for dinner in a revealing black mini dress.

The 23-year-old model and younger sister of supermodel Kate Moss, 47, is known for sharing insights into her life in Los Angeles, living with her best friend, Sahara Ray, 28.

Kate Moss’s sibling’s most recent posts on Instagram show her taking selfies in front of a mirror wearing a floral bandeau bikini, with denim jeans unbuttoned and a floral shirt to cover up her arms and shoulders.

Lottie’s hair was tied up in a messy bun, and she carried a striped bag over her shoulder as she appeared ready for a day outdoors in the sunshine.

Lottie Moss Bikini Photos Friends Lunch

A video shared to her Instagram Stories displayed close-up shots of her toned figure, including a tattoo of three birds that sits at the top of her torso.

Photos later the same day showed the glamor model with friends at an outdoor restaurant, where she took another selfie wearing a revealing black dress.

Other diners could be seen at the restaurant in Los Angeles, where hospitality and catering venues remain open under coronavirus guidelines.

Lottie Moss has continued to share a variety of photos and videos of her stylish life in LA, where she lives among stunning scenery in a large mansion with a substantial back garden and an outdoor pool.

Kate Moss Sister Lotte Joins Glow Photos

She has refuted claims that her career is at “rock bottom” after joining the adult-only subscription website Glow, where she posts nude photos and videos available to her fans at premium rates of up to $1,400.

Her model agency, Storm, has reportedly stepped in to try and prevent her from continuing with the platform, but Lottie has hit back, saying she is happy with her life and is not struggling as a result.

Lottie Moss Revealing Photos Glow

One source said: “These photos and the path she’s on will affect her future as a model, but also as a woman. What if one day she wants a normal job? Storm can’t let Lottie become another victim of this crazy influencer-meets-celebrity, image-obsessed culture. Her mental health needs to be protected.”

Lottie has made her choices, and it seems that everyone around her will have to respect them because she is not showing signs of backing down. The young celebrity is confident that she has made the right call by becoming a popular player on Glow.


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