Taylor Swift Tries To Kick Justin Bieber Out Of Her Gym As She Reveals Why She Used To Stay Silent Politically

Taylor Swift Justin Bieber Gym West Hollywood

When Taylor Swift wants to workout, she prefers to do it in peace and does not make any compromises, even if famous colleagues like Justin Bieber are involved.

According to recent information, the “Look What You Made Me Do” artist reserved the whole Dogpound Gym in West Hollywood for her needs, and her team tried to kick out everybody who was training at the sports facility so that she could be alone.

However, at the time, Bieber and a couple of his friends were doing their workout at the gym and when they were asked to leave the place, the “I Don’t Care” performer promptly refused and remained until his session was over even though he did not have an appointment.

Reportedly, Bieber did not stay so he could mock his colleague, as he did not know that the request was coming from her, but after he finished with his workout, everybody else in the facility was escorted out of the location.

Later a spokesman from the gym claimed that Swift had booked a private session in advance, and she had nothing personal against Hailey Rhode Baldwin‘s husband.

Bieber and the “Blank Space” singer may not be fighting, but the same could not be said about her and his manager, Scooter Braun, as the feud between them has been going on for months now.

Swift did not approve of Braun’s purchase of her old record label, because with that move he acquired her master recordings.

Following the acquisition, Swift voiced her disapproval in a 15-minute speech, when she received the Woman of the Decade award at the Billboard Women in Music event.

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The country music darling who has become more politically involved recently, told Variety why she remained silent for years.

It had to do with what happened to the Dixie Chicks. She explained: “I saw how one comment ended such a powerful reign, and it terrified me. These days, with social media, people can be so mad about something one day and then forget what they were mad about a couple weeks later. That’s fake outrage. But what happened to the Dixie Chicks was real outrage. I registered it — that you’re always one comment away from being done being able to make music.”

Bieber is in the middle of a big musical comeback after a long hiatus, thanks to the hit single “Yummy,” the first excerpt off his sixth studio album that will be out later this year.

He will perform the song on Saturday Night Live February 8, where he will appear as a musical guest.

Bieber released his Purpose album in 2015. He will launch a new tour on May 14th at the CenturyLink Field in Seattle.

Swift’s Netflix documentary, Taylor Swift: Miss Americana, will premiere on January 23. Lana Wilson directed it.


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