Kylie Jenner’s Baby Daddy, Travis Scott, Goes All In For Her In New Videos — Stormi Webster’s Parents Have Fans Talking

Kylie Jenner Travis Scott Mother's Day Flowers Video

Kylie Jenner was spoiled and showered with love on Mother’s Day by her baby daddy and boyfriend, Travis Scott, according to multiple videos that have surfaced online.

While Kylie Jenner has decided to stay mum about the status of her relationship with the rapper, their actions seem to scream that they are dating again — which gives fans hope that they will have another baby together.

After a romantic getaway to Miami, Scott surprised Kylie Jenner with a lavish arrangement of flowers on Sunday when Americans celebrated the important and extraordinary women in their lives — Mother’s Day.

Via her Instagram Stories, the billionaire posted a few brief clips that confirmed that Travis Scott knew exactly what to get a woman who already has everything — including a huge private jet, several mansions, and an impressive collection of jewelry.

Travis Scott gifted Kylie Jenner an array of gladiolus flowers in orange and fiery pink.

According to an expert, Scott picked the right flowers for his baby mama because gladiolus symbolizes infatuation. By giving gladiolus to his lady love, he is sending the message, “you pierce my heart” to her, according to experts.

He also teamed up with his daughter, Stormi Webster, and gifted Jenner with a series of pink mini Chanel bags.

The MC from Texas took to social media and posted two beautiful pictures of the billionaire and their three-year-old daughter. In one photo, Kylie Jenner is hugging her daughter while giving her a sweet kiss.

The second photo features the mother and daughter in matching rainbow bikinis while sitting in a pool.

The happy father also penned a sweet message for the mother of his child that read: “Of all the special things in life. The big ones and small. A mamas love and rage and tenderness. Is the most special of them all.”

Kylie Jenner appeared in the comment section and responded with a series of adorable hearts. Jenner and Travis Scott are making headlines for other reasons.

The pair, who had a lovely dinner in Florida, was spotted going on a date with Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Devin Booker.

Late Sunday night, the paparazzi caught the sixsome entering Catch for a fun-filled evening.

During the outing, Kylie Jenner stayed hidden behind her facial mask while walking behind Travis Scott, who was dressed casually in baggy pants and a futuristic vest.

An eyewitness told E! that Jenner and Scott “looked happy to be out together” and spent several hours enjoying each other’s company.


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