Kylie Jenner Lifts Up Her Shirt In Smoking Photos To Create Confusion Around Her Pregnancy Rumors

Kylie Jenner Travis Scott Second Pregnancy

Kylie Jenner has many fans saying that she is pregnant after eating sushi with no fish and cleverly avoiding drinking alcohol.

The chatter around Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy with her second baby was further fueled by the news that she had rekindled the flames of love with her baby daddy and on-an-off boyfriend, Travis Scott.

Over the weekend, the makeup mogul took to social media, where she dropped a few steamy photos announcing her weekend fun-filled plans.

The reality TV star posed in front of a luxurious car as she gets ready to escape to a summer-inspired activity.

The billionaire opted for a color-coordinated light blue-green camouflage outfit composed of a strapless top and matching pants.

In most of the pictures, Jenner leans on the car seat while seductively gazing at the camera.

At one point, Jenner lifted her top to flaunt her impressive stomach to address the rumors that she is pregnant again.

Her millions of fans were quick to react and share their theories about Stormi Webster becoming a big sister.

A supporter directly asked Kylie Jenner the question on her fans’ minds. The person wrote: “Are you pregnant?”

This Instagram follower pointed to the fact that the picture of Jenner’s flat belly is old because of the color of her nails. The eagle-eyed fan shared: “This is an old pic. Her nails are not pink; they’re purple Rn đŸ„”.”

Indeed, Jenner shared a new video where she is gardening with Stormi and picking strawberries, and her nails are purple.

Another backer made this point: “If you zoom in on the last picture, it looks like her stomach goes out, and her pants look like it took.”

For the past weeks, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians talent has also been wearing baggy clothes in a supposed effort to conceal her rumored pregnancy, according to this social media enthusiast: “She looks puffy to me lately and has been wearing oversized clothes.”

A fifth commenter concluded that Jenner will not be able to hide her second pregnancy as well as she did when she was expecting Stormi.

The supporter wrote: “She’s not going to be able to hide it like last time, and her stories are her reminiscing stormi as a baby baby 

Some fans are telling Jenner to follow Cardi B and stop hiding. Some observers say that she might surprise her followers.


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