Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris And T.I. Expecting Baby #4 – Bernice Burgos Is Said To Be Mad: Report

Tameka 'Cottle' Harris T.I. Pregnant

Tameka “Tiny” Harris is said to be pregnant with T.I.‘s fourth child, and his rumored side chick, Bernice Burgos, is angry over the news because she was already planning their lives together.

A close friend also claimed now she fears that the rapper will dump her and go back to his wife, do the right thing, and raise the child as a couple. Talk about a never-ending drama.

Tuesday night, fans of the estranged hip-hop couple were shocked when a photo surfaced on MTO that showed Tiny sporting what appeared to be a baby bump.

The singer, who is said to be three months pregnant, was happy to show her alleged baby bump and obliterate some of Burgos’ hopes and dreams.

A source close to the Instagram model spoke to Hollywood Life and said she is devastated by the news because T.I. had promised her the world and it now appears that he will leave her to go back to Tiny.

While she is furious at T.I., she knows deep down inside he is a great father, and he would never let Tiny go through the pregnancy alone.

A person close to Burgos said T.I. should think of taking a paternity test because he “has not slept in the same bed as Tiny” in a very long time and she did admit to partying and flirting with boxer Floyd Mayweather.

The friend shared: “Bernice [Burgos] is confused and worried that Tiny could be pregnant. Bernice cannot understand how that could even be possible. TI made it clear to Bernice that things were done between he and Tiny and that they were no longer intimate.”

The insider went on to say: “Bernice has a strong connection with TI, so the pregnancy news really struck a chord with her. Bernice cannot imagine that Tiny could be once again carrying TI’s child. Bernice does not want to believe the pregnancy news, and she wants answers.”

With this pregnancy shocker, T.I. finds himself with many unanswered questions and potential headaches.


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