Will Smith And Jada Pinkett’s Son, Jaden, Makes A Big Announcement After The August Alsina Drama

Jaden Jada Pinkett Will Smith -- His Son Drops Last Name

In a new interview, the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith opened up about a big decision he recently took. The young artist and movie star no longer goes by the name Jaden Smith.

Inspired by his younger sister, known as Willow, the rapper has dropped his last name and now goes by Jaden.

Jaden appeared on Apple Music, where he spoke to Zane Lowe and explained why he decided to drop his family name, (his full birth name is Jaden Christopher Syre Smith).

During the virtual interview, The Day the Earth Stood Still actor said he took the decision in 2019 after a deep conversation with his sister.

The “Summertime in Paris” artist stated: “I realized that Willow changed her name to Willow at some point in time. And that she was no longer Willow Smith. Yeah, it took me a while. It took me a while. Because if you look Willow Smith up, it’ll still come up. But then it took me a while to see that it was just Willow. And I was like, ‘Yo. That’s so strong.'”


He went on to say that he found what Willow did very daring and strong and decided to follow in her footsteps.

The 22-year-old model went on to confess: “That’s strong. Willow. You feel like you don’t have to say your last name. You’re just Willow. I create different characters for myself and that’s also one of the reasons I love Bowie so much, but I create different characters for myself, and it’s like, Jaden, that’s music and Jaden Smith, that’s 501(c)(3), that’s acting in movies. I wanted to make that little distinction there, just a bit, so that I could just … different things are happening.”

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Jaden is not the only one in the Smith family making huge announcements — his mother, Jada, dropped the bombshell that she had an affair with singer August Alsina. The R&B singer was a close friend of Jaden.

Oddly enough, Jaden is the one who introduced his mother to August while he was going through some health and mental issues.

Jada said she had an entanglement with August, but they have split, and she has worked out her marital issues with Will.

Nonetheless, the Internet has turned the whole thing into a big joke and everyone has an opinion on the situation. The power couple has opted to law low a bit after things unfolded.


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