Homeless DC Man Pleads Guilty To Murder In Female Jogger Stabbing

Wendy Karina Martinez Anthony Crawford Pleads Guilty

An incident left a man, Daniel Hincapie, without his fiancée, Wendy Karina Martinez, whom he had recently gotten engaged to.

The 35-year-old woman was reportedly stabbed to death as she was out jogging, and even though she made attempts to get help at a nearby establishment, she eventually passed away from her injuries.

A homeless man, Anthony Crawford, 23, was arrested in connection with the 2018 attack and was recently tried in Washington DC.

Crawford pled guilty to first-degree murder. The final sentence was a 30-year prison term along with a $250,000 fine.

However, many of those commenting on the situation have pointed out that the sentence seems light for the act the man had committed, on top of the fact that it is unlikely he would ever be able to produce any of the money he is required to pay.

Crawford has reportedly managed to strike a plea deal with the court as well, requiring him to make monthly payments of between $100 – $5,000 to the Victims of Violent Crime Compensation Fund.

However, this was another point that was highly commented on by online users, with many claiming that this part of the sentence was symbolic more than anything else.

There has been strong outrage over the incident, but at the same time, some have tried to focus on the few positive sides of the story.

Martinez, who was getting ready for the Boston Marathon, had reportedly shown herself to be a fighter to the end, as she did not give up after getting stabbed, and attempted to seek help until the very last moments.

Her mother, Cora Martinez, explained: “My daughter was a fighter. She was a warrior. She fought up to the last seconds for her life. She got up, and she ran into this restaurant and asked for help. That makes us so proud.”

The family released a statement on Friday after the plea deal was reached: “It’s a difficult emotion to describe, its a heavy dose of sadness because it does nothing to bring Wendy back or make us whole. At the same time, it does provide some peace knowing he’ll be off the streets, and we’re grateful for that.”

Some say that the death penalty should be on the table for cases like these, while others wonder if more could have been done to help her. The attack was described as random by the police.


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