Mia Simmons Arrested In Stabbing Death Of Brooklyn Mom LaTanya Watson

LaTanya Watson Stabbed Mia Simmons Arrested

After an argument broke out at a subway station in Brooklyn, a woman named LaTanya Watson was reportedly stabbed to death, and the main suspect, Mia Simmons, has been arrested.

Simmons, who is 20 years old, was charged with first-degree manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon.

Police quickly confirmed that they had one suspect in custody for the fatal incident that occurred on Monday night, but they did not reveal any further information about the case.

According to reports, the two women got into an argument in the late evening over unknown reasons, ending with the fatal stabbing.

People immediately gathered at the scene and tried to assist the 30-year-old mother of one, while medical teams arrived and carried her out.

However, it was too late, as the wounds she had suffered were too severe. She was pronounced dead at the Brookdale Hospital shortly after being taken there.

It is still not clear exactly what went down and what could have provoked the suspect, and police are still investigating the case in depth.

There have been some conflicting eyewitness reports from the scene, and authorities have asked people to refrain from spreading false information about the incident until an official statement could be made.

At the same time, anyone with additional information about the incident has been encouraged to contact authorities and provide them with extra leads on the case.

The NYPD is still actively looking into all possible angles behind the crime, so it will likely take some time until observers get the full official reports.

Many people have been commenting the story in shock on social media, especially eyewitnesses present at the scene when things unfolded.

The picture that is currently being painted says that the two women left the 3 train at the Sutter Avenue station and the stabbing occurred in the mezzanine. Waston was found upstairs with stab wounds in the neck, face, and arm.

She reportedly used pepper spray on the suspect who responded with an attack using a small knife.

Cops were able to arrest Simmons because she accidentally stabbed herself in the arm, and the blood trail led to her grandmother’s home.

Watson’s fiancé, Jerelle Martin, told local media: “I waited for her a couple of hours. She didn’t show. I texted her, ‘Are you OK?’ No answer. Thirty minutes after those four hours I waited, detectives knocked on the door. She was the most beautiful woman I ever met in this world. And these females took her life. It still does not feel real.”

Watson was getting back home after her shift at a Fairway grocery store.


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