Man, Who Found Baby In Mother’s Freezer, Probably Has More Siblings He Did Not Know About

Man Finds Baby In Mother’s Freezer

Adam Smith, 37, from St. Louis, Missouri has made a horrific discovery in the process of cleaning out an old freezer that belonged to his deceased mother.

After opening the appliance, the man found the remains of a dead baby that appears to have been there for quite a while.

The remains were wrapped tightly in a pink blanket, and the body, skin, and hair were preserved from staying in the freezer for so long.

Adding even more tragedy to the story, Smith reportedly has reason to believe that he knows who the body belongs to — and he suspects it might be his own sister.

The timeline of the man’s life would indicate that the body was almost half a century old if that turned out to be true.

He stated: “We’re saying 46 or 47 [years] — that’s how long. I’m assuming it is my sister, been in a box in a freezer for this long.” 

The man explained that for his entire life, he had been told that the freezer contained an old wedding cake that should not be touched.

He told local media: “I’m 37 … and I was always told it was a wedding cake top. It turns out it was a baby.”

He explained why he never opened the freezer: “I’ve asked her several times, and it was either a no-no conversation or [she] blew me off. My mom has always been secretive about things [in] life.”

It was only when his mother was gone after battling cancer that he dared to open the freezer to clean it up, and he realized what she was hiding.

In the end, the man claims that he holds no anger or resentment over the situation, but is more confused than anything, and wants to find out what happened.

He went on to say: “I’m more confused, angry. I just want to find closure, and I want to find more answers.”

It will likely take some time for investigators to figure out the full extent of the story.

There has been speculation that there could be more to it too, although the man himself could not provide any further details. He shared: “She always told me she had to quit working to take care of me because she didn’t have anybody else.”

Smith just wants some answers and he has been getting help from family members. He has an older sister in the St. Louis area and relatives believe that he probably has more siblings that he does not know.

He added: “I’m finding out more information, little stories and my mother is not the person I thought she was.”

Commenters say it could have been a miscarriage and they also urge Smith to take a DNA test to better understand his lineage.


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