Prince Charles Holds A Grudge Against The Middleton Family For This Reason

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Many are surprised to learn that Prince Charles is not a big fan of one of his in-laws because of a secret family feud.

Prince Charles loves his daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, and his three grandchildren — Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis — and often wishes he could spend more time with them.

According to a royal insider, Prince Charles has a grudge against Carole Middleton, the mother Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, because she sees their grandchildren more often than he does.

Prince Charles is not happy about the maternal grandmother’s privilege and has therefore started a Battle Royal.

Royal reporter Katie Nicholl spoke to a friend of the royal family who had this to say about the fight between Charles and Carole over who gets to spend time with their grandchildren: “Charles feels very much that the Middletons get more than their fair share of time with George and Charlotte. In comparison, he sees them very little and he bears a bit of a grudge about that.”

The source went on to explain that even Prince William spends more time with Carole and added: “He certainly feels William spends more time with the Middletons than he does with his own family.”

It has happened in the past that Kate and William bailed from the royal Christmas events to be with Carole and the Middleton family.

Royal author Phil Dampier recently revealed that since the departure of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from the royal family, Carole has stepped up to play a more prominent role in Kate’s life.

Dampier stated: “Carole is a very strong woman who comes from quite a humble background, and the fact that she has worked herself up with a successful business has given her a backbone of steel. Kate turns to [Carole] for advice and comfort all the time, and she spends a lot of time with William and Kate’s three children.”

Dampier concluded by: “Now that Harry and Meghan have, in effect, left the Royal Family, there is a lot more pressure on William and Kate. Carole will be a stabilizing and supportive force in the background, looking after the kids when needs be but also just being there for them. Carole is very much a power behind the throne, and her influence is immense. William’ s-in-laws have become like second parents, and Carole is almost a Diana-type mum.”

Experts say some feuds are less problematic than others.


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