Michelle Beadle Dropped From ESPN’s ‘NBA Countdown’ With Rachel Nichols And Maria Taylor — What Will Happen To Her Big Contract?

Michelle Beadle NBA Countdown Rachel Nichols

It does not look like things are going well at all for Michelle Beadle, as recent reports indicate that she was dropped from her current position at on NBA Countdown, placing another negative mark on her résumé with ESPN. However, she has not been fired.

It is not entirely clear why ESPN felt it needed to move in another direction, but this is another serious loss for Beadle in the last year, after being removed from Get Up! on the same network.

Reports indicate that she is still quite well off in terms of income, (an annual salary of $5 million), with or without the current position, although that will likely not last forever.


Beadle has not given any indication of what she is planning to do once this blows over, although she will likely face some difficulties in her career if the situation turns out to be as bad as it is being reported.

Experts say that the two parties will probably reach an agreement for Beadle to be able to try her hands at other things.

Meanwhile, ESPN seems to be having some organizational issues, as the network has been unable to find a suitable configuration for some of their personalities.

However, given the resources that they have access to, there is little doubt that the network is going to pull through in the end.

It has been revealed that Rachel Nichols and Maria Taylor have been asked to split the hosting role of ESPN’s NBA Countdown to replace Beadle.

As for Beadle, she will likely manage to find employment one way or another, although many believe that it might have to be with a different network at this point.

It is not like her range of opportunities is that limited, though, so it will be interesting to see what happens next.

Many turned their backs on the sports reporter and vowed to never watch her show ever again after her epic rant against Kawhi Leonard where she said: “You don’t want to play with LeBron because you want to be the top dog? You are the top dog for a team and an organization that has done well for many, many years that you don’t have the respect and you dare to try to ignore – and you continue to cash those $18 million checks?”

She went on to passionately reveal: “I’m so over this dude. The city of San Antonio is over this dude. You can go as soon as they get whatever they want for you, but if you think you’re just going to walk out of there and get your way because you’ve thrown this little spoiled hissy fit and become one of the most unlikable characters. I’ve never seen a heel turn like this in a way that is not enjoyable. Like, you are no longer a person that I root for. You are someone who has just shown every quality of a spoiled, entitled person – and you don’t even have the strength to speak for yourself. Like, what are you doing with your career?”

One person had this reaction to the meltdown: “I happen to like her and a sense of humor. Going after Paul Pierce is cool. Going after Kawai not good. 🤣Ditto saying she’s not watching NFL. Welcome to Jemmele Hill’s world.”

The new season of NBA Countdown will be offering something completely different in terms of style.


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