Tessa Majors’s Murder Suspect Reportedly Got Into A Rage After She Bit His Finger

Tessa Majors Murder Suspect Zyairr Davis

After the shocking murder of Barnard college freshman, Tessa Majors took place on December 11 at the grounds of Morningside Park in Manhattan, the main suspect for the case is a 14-year-old boy, and he was arrested on Thursday.

However, he was released hours later, and no explanation was given. Because he has a lawyer, no one expects him to make things easy for the authorities after weeks of flying under the radar.

Before his arrest, the police theory was that the alleged criminal immediately had run away from New York after he allegedly stabbed Tessa to death so that he could hide with family members, somewhere in the south of the country.

According to a representative of the police department that is investigating the case, so far it is known that the suspect had opted not to use public transport for his getaway, but instead drove or was driven with a car to flee the crime scene.

The boy made a narrow escape from being captured on December 15, when he jumped from a car while being driven by another person to the police department for questioning.

Since then, the teenager’s whereabouts remained unknown, and nobody had seen him, even though a photograph of his face was released to the public.

For the time being, investigators believe the unnamed boy is one of the three underage children who allegedly were responsible for taking Tessa’s life away.

So far, the police have been able to get the confession of a 13-year-old boy, Zyairr Davis, who claimed he was present when the attack took place but did not participate in the killing, which was allegedly done by the two other teenagers. Davis was charged with murder.

However, the legal defense of the supposed witness claims that his testimony should not be taken under account because it was more likely that the boy was pushed to confess by a detective that was notoriously known for faking evidence.

According to the latest reports, the main suspect stabbed the student after she bit his finger. Tessa did this as she was fighting for her life, but the move brought out more rage from the alleged killer.

In related Tess news, a white supremacy group has been targeting Barnard college staff with racist content related to the case.


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