Nicki Minaj Proves She Is Still The Baddest In The Game With The ‘Fendi’ Video

Nicki Minaj New Fendi Song

As many of Nicki Minaj‘s fans suspected, her retirement was not serious, as the rapper is back in the headlines with a new smashing hit.

“Fendi” a song by PnB Rock and Murda Beatz that just came out and is making fans very happy.

Nicki rode the beat and made it clear that she still has what it takes to captivate her audience and push her career as a fashion designer forward.

It is not like many of her fans thought that her retirement was for real anyway, as there was always strong speculation that she would return to her music career sooner or later.

It is not known if the decision was spontaneous or if Nicki had been planning this for some time.

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However, in any case, it is evident that this is exactly what her fans wanted to see, and many have been expressing their happiness with their favorite femcee being back on social media.

Nicki has received a lot of comments on her recent release, and most of them have been very supportive.

Some of her fans did accuse her of trying to play with them by announcing her retirement initially, but that seems to be a non-issue for most people commenting on the situation.

And Nicki herself does not seem to mind the attention she is getting since her return.

If anything, the rapper will likely take full advantage of the situation and will do her best to make a solid impression on her supporters with her upcoming releases.

It is not clear when she is planning to drop her next song though, but it may be quite soon.

One person said: “I don’t have the coins for this 😩😂 , But I love you Nicki. Sweetheart. the Fendi promo and song were done before she retired. artists can pre-record music then release it (e.g., Tupac, Michael, Aaliyah, etc. releasing music after death).”

Another commenter had this reaction: “Baddest in the school, the baddest in the game!! Excuse me, honey, but nobody’s in my lane.👅”

This follower claimed: “Oh, I thought she meant rap. You know other rappers who have retired like some of the male rappers, and you know they still make business moves. I want the hat the shades and the jacket oh a mofo to buy it for me lol. 😂”

A fourth fan explained: “she’s retired! She a MF businesswoman too. The song was already pre-recorded she means as of the day she announced she’s retiring she’s not going to be making any more music as of that day and forward, but anything that she already made will be released.”

The music industry is definitely more entertaining with Nicki around.


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