Mac Miller’s Death Investigation Gets Two Men Arrested This Week — Will There Be More?

Mac Miller Stephen 'Stevie' Walter Cameron Pettit Ariana Grande

It has been a little over one year since rapper Mac Miller tragically died in a drug-related incident, but it looks like authorities are not done looking into the case just yet.

A third man linked to the case named Stephen “Stevie” Walter was arrested in Los Angeles on Monday. Walter was reportedly in contact with Cameron Pettit, the first person arrested in connection with Miller’s death in early September.

Pettit allegedly contacted Walter for Percocet pills (“10 blues”) on the night of the rapper’s death. Miller had asked Pettit if he had any of such pills available.

Pettit, 28, is accused of selling drugs to Miller before his tragic death. Miller reportedly did not know the exact nature of the drugs he was taking.

A second man, 36-year-old Ryan Reavis, has reportedly been arrested in connection with the incident after the DEA raided his home in Lake Havasu, Arizona on Monday.

Reavis was arrested on possession of marijuana and prescription drugs charges. The Arizona man is also facing charges related to two weapons. His bail is set at $50,000. A physician’s prescription pad was also found at the location where he was staying.

The agency was alerted that the man might have an active connection with the rapper’s death, but it has not been confirmed what the link is exactly. However, the Miller trail led to the Reavis arrest.

Miller, born Malcolm McCormick, died on September 7, 2018, of a drug overdose related to several different types of drugs, including some that were reportedly counterfeit.

It is still not clear exactly what went down on that fateful day, as authorities have been relatively quiet in releasing information about the case.

It looks like investigators have been given new leads on the case, but they have not been very open about the course of their work so far.

Meanwhile, many fans of the late ex-boyfriend of pop music superstar Ariana Grande have reignited discussions about his death on social media, in light of the recent arrests.

It seems like a large group of people believe that there is some conspiracy in the incident, but nobody can put their finger on what exactly is wrong.

There is a lot of misinformation going around as well, and it does not look like everyone has an active interest in promoting the truth right now, which has added to the complicated nature of the case.

Some commenters are not sold on the whole investigation. One person stated: ” Y’all doing too much for a person that voluntarily used drugs that could have killed him at any moment 💯😩.”

A second critic added: “I don’t understand why they are getting charged! They didn’t force the drugs down his mouth.”

A third observer even broadened the conversation to the relation between race and law enforcement: “I loved Mac Miller music, but this was his own doing. Why don’t we get this type of response from law enforcement whey black rappers to get gunned down? No disrespect to Mac Miller though.”

Despite the criticism over the different arrests, officials seem determined to pursue the leads to try to stop more people from taking the same path.


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