Divorced Dad Will Have A Say In Son’s Gender Transition As Parents Keep Joint Custody

Anne Georgulas James Jeffrey Younger

A Texas father, Jeffrey Younger, had been unsuccessful in petitioning the court to award him full custody over his 7-year-old boy, James Younger.

The jury decision was then reversed by Dallas County Judge Kim Cooks, who said that the child will live in joint custody with the father. Texas’ attorney general had called for a child abuse probe.

However, Judge Cooks did slam the dad in her statement. She revealed: “No Texas judge or court has ordered the chemical castration, puberty blockers, hormone blockers or any transgender reassignment surgery on this child to become a female. The father finds comfort in public controversy and attention surrounded by his use of unfounded facts and is thus motivated by financial gain of approximately 139,000 dollars to which he has received at the cost of the protection and privacy of his children.”

The man has expressed concerns over recent actions taken by his former wife, Anne Georgulas, who has reportedly started a gender conversion therapy for the young boy and is quite serious in taking things all the way.

The court heard the man’s pleas but ended up rejecting them at first, leaving the boy and his twin, Jude, to live with their mother.

As of now, the young boy is reportedly going to go through hormone replacement therapy as part of his conversion process.

The case has become political, and some have expressed concerns that the boy is too young to be taken through something like this.

At the same time, his mom, who is a pediatrician, has stated that this was entirely his wish, and he has been wearing dresses and referring to himself as a girl for quite some time now.

Moreover, she reportedly took the child to three mental health experts who diagnosed the youth with gender dysphoria, discomfort over a difference between gender identity and biological sex.

James Younger Texas Transgender Kid Lula

The mother has added that she fully believed that allowing her son to change his gender was healthy for him, and she was providing him with an adequate environment for expressing himself in.

The boy likes to refer to himself as “Luna,” though it is not known if that will be his/her final name after the conversion is complete.

Public opinions on the situation have been somewhat divided, though there has been growing discontent with the court’s initial decision in social media comments, with many people claiming that the jury had gone too far.

One supporter of Mr. Younger wrote: “Absolutely shameful… my heart aches for that father!”

He has set up a website and is raising a lot of money off the case, but the judge has now put a gag order in place for him not to speak to the press.



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