Melania Trump Delighted Democrats By Doing This To President Donald Trump At Final Presidential Debate Against Joe Biden

Melania President Donald Joe Biden Debate

Melania Trump has become an expert at slapping and pulling away from her husband’s hands, and at the final presidential debate, she did it again.

After a heated second presidential debate between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump in Nashville, Tennesse; the First Lady of the United States walked on stage wearing an all-black outfit.

Melania, who is ill with a lingering cough after batling the coronavirus, donned a black mask as she greeted her husband.

In videos that have surfaced online, Melania could be seen giving the President a brief hug. She later waved at the audience and the reporters who were present.

As the couple was walking away, President Trump who had contracted COVID-19 earlier in the month, held on tightly to his wife’s hand to show unity.

Melania was not interested and swiftly yanked her hand away from the former reality TV star.

The 90-minute debate, moderated by NBC’s Kristen Welker, was nothing like the first catastrophic event that consisted of Trump screaming and interrupting Biden. Trump also feuded with the moderator.

There were plenty of personal attacks between the two politicians. Still, they also shared their vision on federal minimum wage, immigration, health care, the criminal justice system, climate change, and racial injustice.

However, the main focus was the coronavirus.

Biden had this to say: “220,000 Americans dead. You hear nothing else I say tonight, hear this. Anyone who is responsible for not taking control. In fact, not saying I take no responsibility initially. Anyone is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United States of America. We’re in a situation where there are a thousand deaths a day now. A thousand deaths a day. And there are over 70,000 new cases per day. Compared to what’s going on in Europe, as the New England Medical Journal said, they’re starting from a very low rate. We’re starting from a very high rate.”

Trump responded by: “I don’t think we’re going to have a dark winter at all. We’re opening up our country. We’ve learned and studied and understand the disease, which we didn’t at the beginning. When I closed and banned China from coming in heavily infected and then ultimately Europe, but China was in January. Months later, he was saying I was xenophobic. I did it too soon. Now he’s saying, “Oh, I should have moved quicker,” but he didn’t move quicker. He was months behind me, many months behind me.”

The former model, while loyal to her husband publicly, always finds ways to give his critics something to talk about.


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