Mutant Goat With ‘Human Face’ Gets Worshiped Like A God As Some Critics Of Cyclops Push For Euthanasia

Mutant Goat Worshiped Human Face India God

It has been revealed that a tiny mutant goat that was born with what seems to resemble a “human” face and it is now being worshiped like a god.

The odd-looking creature inside his hut was featured in a brief video filmed in Rajasthan, India, that has now gone viral.

The owner of the human-looking goat, Mukeshji Prajapap, from Nimodia, took to social media and he posted a clip where he is holding the animal up.

The baby goat is the center of attraction in the video for many people around could be seen attempting to touch it or get a glimpse of it.

Talking to local media, Prajapap said that he panicked when the unusual beast came into the world.

The man said people were afraid of the fact that the animal had human-like features, including a flat face, big eyes, and what looks like a haircut and a grumpy expression.

However, gradually, fear turned to curiosity, and the residents in the village of Nimodia concluded that the animal was special. Dozens now gather daily to “worship it as an avatar of God.”

Scientists who have seen the clip posted by Mr. Prajapap explained that the creature suffers from what is known as cyclopia.

According to experts, cyclopia occurs when the developing brain is unable to separate into two hemispheres and only one eye socket forms.

Cyclopia leads to other deformities such as malformed nostrils and face shape. It is worth noting that animals with the condition do not live a very long life.

In India, it is widespread for animals with odd features to be worshiped like gods because the country’s main religion view them as sacred.

However, opinions are not unanimous on the matter. One person said this about the issue: “We accept the world in which we are presented. This goat wouldn’t know any different. Pretty cool but also pretty creepy lol.”

A second commenter explained: “Although it sounds nice, that much is untrue. Mostly everyone denies the world the world as it is presented to them. As a man, life would be incompatible with such condition, as a goat, suffering is the only thing there must be. The poor animal should not be worshipped but taken out of its misery.”

Another comment read: “Aha, man I just follow this Ig cause it’s paranoid and schizoid beyond words. It gives me a laugh to reaffirm that the world is mad on so many levels. There’s the MAD world, and then there’s the MAD- the earth is flat – god and giants are real – yesterday was a false flag – WORLD.”

Some are pushing for euthanasia.


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