Married Cousins, Expecting Baby Boy, Prepare For ‘Beautiful Future Together’ And Defend Their Off-The-Charts Love

A couple from Eagle Mountain, Utah might be facing around five years behind bars and thousands of dollars in fines for having a baby despite being related.

Michael Lee married Angela Peang, even though they are first cousins, and now they are expecting a child together, a baby boy named Eric, as Angela is around the fifth month of her pregnancy, and the arrival of the child is expected to be in May.

However, since it is prohibited by law for such close relatives to have a sexual relationship, the two cousins may have to pay around $10,000 in fines for welcoming such a child and spend a couple of years in prison.

Michael and Angela, who are both 38-year-olds, succeeded in getting married by carrying out the ceremony in Colorado, instead of Utah, where their marriage would not be allowed.

During an interview about their unusual relationship, Peang stated that they did genetic testing in order to determine if it was safe for them to have a child together.

Peang told the New York Post: “We had to do our due diligence because everyone was saying to us, ‘No, don’t do that,’ and ‘It’s so risky and irresponsible.”

She continued with: “So we did genetic testing and found out it was OK for us to parent together. It was such a relief. Now we are planning for a wonderful future together.”

In addition, the couple carried out a blood test as well to check if the conceiving of a baby as possible.

Angela, who is about to become a mother for the fourth time, since she has 3 children that she shares with her former spouse, claimed that she got pregnant again mainly because she and her current husband both shared a great passion for having intercourse and had a strong mutual attraction.

Paeng also stated that their relationship was like supercharged, as it covered the erotic side, the friendship side, and the family side.

Reactions are all over the place when it comes to this relationship that more or less started in a closet when the two cousins were just 7.

One person stated: “In lots of cultures it normal and in history, it was very common. Not my thing and I can’t imagine it- and medically, we know better- but hey….”

A second observer added: “Well if they approve gay people, I don’t see the problem with this…”

A critic brought this up about incest: “Bloodline is to close CHILDREN could be born with disabilities at are not only physically But mental they could be born with mental illness, please get your facts right.”

WeTV covered their relationship on Extreme Love.


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