‘Target Tori’ Gets Public Support In Ridiculous Store Argument Over Toothbrush

Tori Perrotti Target David Leavitt Swansea Massachusetts

Tori Perrotti, a store manager from Massachusetts, known mostly as “Target Tori,” has won the support of the public after one of her customers tried to mock and ruin her reputation by ranting about the price of a toothbrush and the argument reached social media.

The clash between manager and customer occurred on Friday when David Leavitt was doing his shopping in the Swansea location of a Target store and found that the price tag for Oral B Pro 5000, which normally sells for around $100, was showing the unbelievable amount of only once cent.

When Leavitt saw the small price, his next reaction was to demand to pay only what was written for the toothbrush and did not accept the explanation that the product was on sale, and its actual price was $89.99.

Following the ordeal, Leavitt, who makes a living as a journalist, shared a post on Twitter about what happened and went after the manager for not honoring the prices of the items as it should be according to the law in Massachusetts.

In addition, the disappointed customer also stated that he just had to call the police because Tori did not sell him the toothbrush, and he even received a “verified report” from the police officers that he could take to court.

He wrote: “This @target manager Tori is not honoring the price of their items per Massachusetts law. I just had to call the police because @target refused to sell me the toothbrush.”

However, Leavitt did not get the support he was hoping for, because instead of compliments for his actions, numerous social media users started to mock him and defended the manager of the store.

However, people did not stop there, and soon a fundraising campaign was organized, and more than $30,000 was gathered for her to go on a vacation.

Perrotti was very appreciative of the response and showed a lot of class.

The manager explained: “It’s so often that people will take the picture and make a meme out of it in a mean way. So, it’s nice to see there’s publicity out of this to support me and my feelings.”

She continued with: “It’s overwhelming. But in a good way.” And she even joked: “My first thought was I wish I had worn makeup to work that day.”

Target also reacted via the following statement: “At Target, we’re grateful for the hard work our team members put in each day to serve our guests in our stores. We’re working closely with our store team on this and appreciate the messages of support the team has received from guests.”

Online commenters were not very kind to the customer. One person stated: “He’s such a fucking nerd who threw a fit over a toothbrush. His parents must be proud.”

A second commenter added: “Kinda shitty. But I got a gun for about $75 cheaper than I should have because it was mislabeled. The difference being, they told me about it and sold it to me at the displayed price.”

Leavitt tried to use humor after the incident went viral. He said: “I’m giving away vacations. Who’s next?”

Some say social media can be a force for good. A few other observers did wonder if the whole thing was not just a brilliant marketing ploy.



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